Flock users here we are! Flock “The social web browser” is a nifty social browser, Or as it is in Flock’s own words: “Flock pulls all of your favorite people, places and content together in a convenient view and delivers a more personal experience of the web, where its users are more easily connected to what’s important to them.” With such an adventurous social browsing mission how could we pass on the opportunity to let you Flocksters empower your email and social interactions by creating a WiseStamp addon to Flock? There it is – a fully compatible WiseStamp-Flock Version ! So if you already “Flock’n Roll” you can now add WiseStamp to your band and absolutely socially rock! How will WiseStamp improve my Flock experience? Empower your email signature by designing it to include your social profiles & services (check out our Supported social services list), the blog posts you wish to share and promote, Twitter & Facebook status,  your Diggs , Bookmarks, videos and images. You can of course easily switch between your personal and business signatures and do so much more…check out our full features list. So Flockers what are you waiting for? Download and add WiseStamp to your flock! Check out WiseStamp for Flock Screenshots: WiseStamp Flock Addon Screenshots WiseStamp icon on the bottom right Flock status bar: WiseStamp Flock Extension Screenshot