Version 1.2

This version includes some major improvements and changes such as Firefox 3.1 computability, the ability to add Rss feeds to signature, the addition of exciting new features, extension layout changes and functional fixes as well as implementation of many user requests.
New Major features:
  • Adding RSS Feed new – We have added the ability to include feeds (RSS) in email signatures. From now on your latest blog post (Tweet, Digg…etc) can automatically & easily be linked from your email signature Check out our Get more feed ideas page.
  • Supports Firefox 3.1 / 3.5
  • Renaming signatures new– Following user’s requests we added the ability to rename the signature names.

In addition to those two exciting new features we have also added:

  • Headline management-You are now free to rewrite the default headlines that appear before your IM and Social services (no more “chat” or “contact me” restrains).
  • More fonts– Following user requests we have added a hand full of fonts to WiseStamp’s editor.

layout changes

This version includes many layout improvements such as:

  • Footer features tabs.
  • Addition of Alts and mouse courser emphasis to editor buttons.
  • Preview & Save button relocation.
  • Settings- adding signature name managment.
  • Accessory gray text in fields social fields.
  • and more…

Fixes & Bugs

  • Gmail– WiseStamp icon appearance in Gmail editor- Fixed
  • Hotmail , Windows live, Yahoo classic– auto insertion problems-ย  Fixed
  • Firefox 3.1/3.5- Fixed

What are we working on next:

  • Multiple signatures- Adding more signatures.
  • Multi Languages localization- Help us translate WiseStamp to your language contact us
  • Syncing signatures across computers.
  • Thunderbird interfacing
  • And much more…

19 comments on “WiseStamp 1.2 Released- Adding Feeds to your email

  • I have a personnel gmail account and a professionnal (google apps). Will Wisestamp can auto-insert my personnal signature in my personnal gmail account and my professionnal signature in my gmail apps ?

  • Hi Jeff ๐Ÿ™‚
    Actually this type of feature is on our “to do” list, so simply stay tuned regarding future releases.

  • The new update is nice, especially with all the new social services, and the ability to rename the signature profiles. I’m wondering though if you are ever planning on a feature to have more than two signature profiles?

  • I’m trying to find where the wisestamp editor is located. I want to hyperlink my signature line. Just doing it from the set-up doesn’t work for me. Trying to hyperlink brings up a request for a URL which isn’t established on a work in progress.

  • I know this has been mentioned but I SERIOUSLY need more than two signatures! Any ETA?

    Otherwise a great product – thanks.

  • I have been looking for a way to add a nice e-mail signature to my Live e-mail account and hope this will be the answer I was looking for soon. However, I noticed in these comments, that a hyperlink is not available. This would be very important to my business and I was wondering if you have a time frame for both live e-mail accounts and hyperlinks? Thank you!!

  • Yes, more than 2 signatures please. I need 3, personaly. Also, automatically inserting a different signature based on my “from” email address, like the add-on “Blank Canvas Gmail Signatures” does (which stopped working lately, which made me check out this add-on for a temporary replacement). Besides those shortcomings, the add-on is nice.

  • Great add-on. Thanks

    One more point, what if I have another email account on the same provider? for example, two account on gmail, I find the add-on based signature keep all the same, is there possibility to use different signature for different ID respectively? Or it is already under development?

  • I have a similar situation as windhair. My wife and I share a laptop and access our respective Gmail accounts. Unfortunately, for her, my WiseStamp sig shows up on her account. Thanks for a cool product and for looking into this.

  • @windhair-Yes! Attaching a signature to a specific email account is on our “to do” list hopefully to be implemented in future coming versions.
    @Rick – We sent you an email…What you can do is simply set up a separate FF profile for yourself and another for your wife ๐Ÿ™‚

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