When you choose a great template for your email signature, it becomes a powerful tool for branding, conversions and engagement. There is even strong data to prove it. A professionally designed email signature template with dynamic content will result in:

  • 32% more email replies
  • 22% more clicks
  • 15% more leads
  • 10% increased social reach

That’s why we are happy to continually add more email signature templates for you to choose from. We’ve recently added four brand new premium templates for WiseStamp PRO accounts, and are excited to introduce you to them. Here’s a closer look at each of the new templates, their features, and the type of businesses they suit the best.


About this template: The “Designer” template puts your image, title and company in the spotlight. Our design team created this template to have a big visual impact. If you choose this template, it’s very important to use a clear and professional photo of yourself or your business’ logo. It’s also a great choice if your business has its own brand color, because this template really features color in a bold way.


Who is this template best for?

As the name suggests, the “Designer” template is a natural choice for any business that works within a visually oriented vertical. This includes graphic design, UX design, game design, interior design, advertising, media, photography and much more.

The “Designer” template is also a great choice for any professional who wants to make a lasting visual impression. It’s ideal for executive-level professionals like CEOs, CFOs, COOs and also personal brands, like a consultant, marketer or influencer.

Center Image

About this template: The “Central image” template is all about balance. Our design team created this template to present all of your signature information on one leveled plane. Your name, title, business name, photo, social icons and contact details all appear horizontally, which diminishes any hierarchy of information. It puts your photo at the center of your information, which visually draws in all of the surrounding details to the center as well.

Who is this template best for?

The “Center image” template is best for any individual or business that wants to convey a message of openness and approachability. Since all of the signature information appears on the same horizontal line without hierarchy, it psychologically suggests that you are a natural partner, ally, and source of support. This template is especially relevant for professionals who provide a service that involves a lot of trust, such as psychology, daycare, personal coaching, and financial advisory.

Icons Classic

About this template: This template focuses on quickly and easily communicating your most important signature information: your contact details. Thanks to the classic icons, your email recipients can quickly scan your signature for your landline number, mobile number, email, website, and physical location. In other templates, you’ll find letters or full words preceding the contact details, such as “P” or “phone” before the telephone number, “W” or “website” before your web address, etc.

Who is this template best for?

Icons are a universal language. So, if you do business internationally, the “Icons Classic” template is a great choice. It’s also a more visual template, so if your business focuses on a visually oriented industry, such a graphic design or UX design, it’s a natural fit.

Right-side Image

About this template: The Right-side image template places your photo or business logo on the right side of your signature. Since most languages read left to right, this design breaks that visual path of scanning left to right. In that sense, it adds an element of surprise and catches more attention. Our design team created this template to break habits and draw attention from a different direction.

Who is this template best for?

Since this template breaks away from the traditional pattern of scanning information from left to right, it’s a perfect choice or any business that wants to disrupt the status quo. If you are a startup, change-maker, politician, social influencer or any professional who marches to the beat of your own drum, then this template is a good choice for you.

How to try and get the new WiseStamp email signature templates     

Want to try out one or all of the new templates to see if it suits you? No problem; trying these templates is simple and free! We’ve recently launched a new “play mode” feature in the WiseStamp signature editor that lets you “play” with every single one of our 13 premium templates before you apply it to your signature. Think of it like trying on a pair of pants before buying them!

To view and play with the new signature templates, simply go to the WiseStamp editor and login to your account (or create a new one). Within minutes, you’ll be able to get a feel for the best email signature template for your business.