After two months of competition, and tonnes of votes by the great WiseStamp community, WiseStamp won the Mashable’s Open Web Awards and voted best Social Media Gadget of 2009! So here are some simple instructions: Step 1: Thank yourself for voting WiseStamp. We couldn’t have done it without you! Step 2: Grab a glass of well deserved Whiskey/Wine/Diet Coke Step 3: Party all night! We sure are going to!

We wish you all Happy Holidays! The WiseStamp Team

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7 comments on “WiseStamp Was Elected Best Social Media Gadget 2009 in Mashable’s Open Web Awards!

  • BEWARE. I updated to WS 1.4 and it trashed my Firefox 3.5.5. FF would no longer load. Had to uninstall and decided to go to Opera. Third party extensions suck. That is why Microsoft products are more stable in general than a shareware program with add-ons where everyone thinks they’re a programmer and all they manage to do is disable your application.

  • Hi Greg,
    I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing some kind of difficulties while working with WiseStamp, However we are currently completely unfamiliar with the bug type you reported…Please feel free to contact our support and we will do our best to try and assist you.

  • I work with internet in South America and Wise Stamp is for sure one of the greatest improvements internet email communication acquired in the last 10 years. You are not only the best but the nicest group of people who work with joy and competence in order to offer us this great tool. Like Moshe said “…like we needed that competition…to know you are the greatest…”
    I voted and I indicate Wise Stamp to all my clients.
    Congrats wisestampers.

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