WiseStamp Feature- Banners

There are so many reasons to create an email signature.

You want to appear professional. You want to make it easy for people to learn about you. You want people to connect with you on social media.

The list goes on and on.

No matter what your reasons may be, and no matter which features you decide to include, one goal should be set above all else.

And that’s capturing the attention of your email audience.

Attention is becoming more valuable than ever. It’s even been said that attention is now a form of currency.

Though all of the WiseStamp apps and tools are designed to maximize attention, there’s one attention-grabbing feature that stands out.

And that’s the banner app.

If you haven’t added a banner to your signature already, use this post to help you set one up right now.

Let’s get started.

The What

In its simplest form, a banner is an image that appears at the bottom of your email signature.

A truly effective, well-designed banner allows you to highlight and link to your upcoming sales, events, special offers and whatever else you’d like to promote:

The Why

Why create a banner?

A better question would be “why not?”

After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. 

As humans, our eyes are wired to search for and focus on images. Research shows that most of us think in pictures, and 80% of what we see is retained by the eye (as opposed to the 10% of words that we remember when we read).

You’ve probably included a professional headshot or your company logo in your signature already. 

Adding a banner to your signature is another opportunity to capture attention and provide a visual representation of what you have to offer.

Tip: Include a Call to Action

As we said, a banner is a pretty image that shows off your product or services:

Sam's Bread Signature

That bread looks appealing, right?

But the image is just sitting there for people to admire.

A truly effective banner is more than a pretty, pretty image.

As we said, a picture may be worth a thousand words. But to truly get your point across (in this case, “buy my bread”), all you need is an additional three or four words.

With just a tiny snippet of text, you can magically turn your banner into a powerful call to action that prompts people to buy your product.

Look at the difference:

Sam's Bread Siganature

A call to action should be clear and concise, and reflect the spirit of your business.

Remember, including words and phrases like “free”, “50% off,” or “limited time offer” in your call to action encourage people to click

The How

The process of adding a banner to your email signature is creative and fun.

To get started, go to WiseStamp’s signature editor. (If you don’t have a signature already, learn how to create one here.)


1. Go to “Signatures Apps” (on the left side of the screen) and choose “Featured” from the menu.

WiseStamp Featured Apps
WiseStamp Featured Apps

2. Click on “banner.”

3, The window that appears will allow you to upload your banner image.

Note: The image must be 470 * 230. 

Banner Window

4. Once you’ve uploaded your image, link it to your website or, better yet, a landing page.

Upload Banner Instructions

Obviously, the link should correspond to your banner’s content. If, for example, your banner displays a specific pair of shoes, the link should take you to the sale page of those exact pair of shoes.

sample banner - shoe sale

5. Click on “Add to Signature,” and you’re set!

Add to Signature


According to our Customer Happiness Heroes, WiseStamp users often ask if it’s possible to change the size of a banner image.

Technically, the answer is no.

Not to worry! Being the heroes they are, they’ve come up with a pretty painless hack that’ll make it happen.

Here’s what they recommend:

1. Size your image the way you want it to appear in the signature.

2. Create an image URL for the image (if you don’t have your own web space, you can create an image url with a tool like TinyPic). 

3. Paste the URL in the “Custom HTML” app.

Banner W/ Custom HTML

If the image preview doesn’t appear, try including an HTML image tag:

<img src=”your_image_link_here”>

Save, and that’s it. The image should appear in your signature.

Note: Yes, you can include more than one image link in your custom HTML. But if you want to include more than one image in a banner, it’s easiest to use a tool like Canva to create a collage.

Collages are fun to create and often look cleaner. 

However, in most cases, one eye-catching image is more than enough to do the trick.  

Bonus: Design Tips

Now that you know the technical aspects of adding a banner to your email signature, Merav Shalom, WiseStamp’s graphic artist, would like to help you take your banner to the next level by giving you her top three banner design tips:

1. Think of your banner as a sort of name tag.

When we’re writing our name on a nametag, most of us use a black marker and write our name in easy to read, clear letters. 

Colorful, glittery, ink and huge letters would be overpowering in a way that would distract from the point – helping people remember your name. 

The same goes for your banner. Make it clear and clean so that the point – buying your product – is obvious.

Make sure the banner text is readable (pt. 10 and larger) and DON’T use script or very thin fonts.               

2. Be consistent in your branding. 

Stay true to your brand. Your banner is a member of your branding family, so be consistent with your colors and fonts.

If you haven’t worked on branding your images already, consider working on your brand before you design your banner (these tools will be a huge help). 

3. Keep it simple

Too many messages and too much imagery may confuse the viewer. You won’t miss the mark if you follow the axiom:

One message, one picture, one CTA button and one logo, one banner. 

Now Go Make That Banner!

So what are you waiting for? Add a banner to your email signature and show the world what you have to offer!

But beware.

The banner tool is a powerful app for driving traffic to your site. So get creative and have fun.

But proceed with caution!

Does your signature include a banner? How has it benefited you? Share your tips with us!