My Live Signature

Following a great tip from a user of ours we’ve discovered an easy, fast and free way to personalize your signatures and add that special personal touch to them. The service is called MyLiveSignature. They offer a fun way to make your WiseStamp even more life-like. Choose from the variety of options – some are absolutely free and some are great premium offers. You can design your personal online handwriting signature the way you like (style, color, shape, size etc.) – when you finish get the HTML code you could paste to the Email Signature Generator (video tutorial below). How does it look like? Splendid!

  1. Go to MyLiveSignature
  2. Create your LiveSignature
  3. Add the HTML code you receive to your WiseStamp – How can I insert Html to my signature?


Check out  our Video tutorial to see how easily it can be done:

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