It’s that time of year again! With Black Friday and Cyber Monday approaching, we’ve planned a major sale for you to reap the savings. Whether you’re new to WiseBrand or an existing user, this guide will tell help you take advantage of the best deal for you so you can save money this holiday season.

When is it happening? Our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals will run from Nov 19 – 26, so you have plenty of time to cash in! We’ll announce our sales via our Facebook page, Twitter and email marketing. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

What’s the DEAL?

We are offering 50% off on all of our WiseBrand PRO products, which are normally priced at $72 per year. Which products, you ask? We’re happy to tell you!


This is your easy-to-use tool for creating a dynamic, and professional email signature. With our wide variety of templates, social profile add-ons, and other call-to-action apps, you’ll be sure to experience a significant boost in your, social media engagement and conversions, as well as increase your email reply rates.


Four out of five consumers prefer businesses with a web presence, and you can set yours up in no time. WiseIntro is an easy-to-use webpage builder that you click to customize in under 20 minutes. You’ll have a professional looking page online in no time with the ability to upload a custom background image and add your own domain.


If you have a webpage or website (and you should!), WiseKick will quickly and painlessly have you listed on all the most popular and relevant places on the web, including Google my Business, Yahoo and Bing. Just enter your business details, and WiseKick does all the heavy lifting. Soon, you’ll start appearing in online search results and your website will rank higher!


How can you add a personal touch in a digital world? By handing out business cards! Business cards are more relevant than ever because they make a big impression for face-to-face meetings and events. You can easily create and customize your cards as easily as you do with your WiseStamp signature. These are perfect for handing out to potential clients at upcoming holiday parties and networking events.

How Do I Get The Deal?

Each of these is a separate PRO product that stands alone, and, therefore, its payment subscription is also separate. There is no “PRO package” deal for our upcoming sale. Instead, you can buy any number of the products a la carte for 50% off each subscription.

So, to be clear, signing up for a WiseStamp Pro subscription will not include WiseIntro Pro, and vice versa. However, Black Friday & Cyber Monday are excellent opportunities to experience all of our products at a discounted rate! Here’s how you can take advantage of our Black Friday deals, no matter what subscription you already have with us.

If you are….

Currently a free user with no active PRO subscriptions:

If you’re a free user this means you have not purchased any previous subscriptions with us, or your previously purchased “PRO” subscription has expired. So, you have the opportunity to purchase each PRO product at 50% off.

If you…

already have a WiseStamp PRO subscription:

If you already have a WiseStamp PRO email signature, you won’t be able to use the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal for WiseStamp. BUT! Now is the time to expand your marketing strategy! Grab the 50% off deal on PRO subscriptions for WiseIntro and WiseKick, and order your WiseCards!

If you…

already have a WiseStamp PRO and WiseIntro PRO subscription bundle:

The bundle is awesome, and you’re well on your way to becoming a marketing wizard. Take it up a notch with 50% off the WiseKick PRO subscription to boost your website ranking and SEO. And don’t forget to add a final touch with 50% off WiseCards!


If you already have a one-year PRO subscription for one of more of our products, you cannot use this deal to purchase a second year of that same product. For example, if you are already a WiseStamp PRO user, you cannot purchase the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal for your next year of WiseStamp PRO. You can only renew your PRO subscription once it expires. But don’t worry!! We offer many seasonal sales throughout the calendar year. So, although you can’t purchase a second year of service at the Black Friday/Cyber Monday price, keep your eyes peeled for our other promotions!

Not sure what kind of account you have? It’s easy to check! Just log into the WiseStamp Editor, go to Account Settings and you will see your details:

signature settings

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