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WiseStamp is trying to innovate on the traditional email signature by allowing you to customize your message with recent Tweets, links to your social network profiles and more

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WiseStamp mashes up the communication platform of email with streams of our personal syndicated published content. This is a great example of how feeds of content can enrich our everyday lives. In this case, there’s nothing in our emails being analyzed, but email’s communication capabilities (and what really beats email for communication, still?) are built upon and added to by WiseStamp.

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You wouldn’t think you could innovate on those, but Wisestamp found a way. They make your email signature “live” with hooks into your social networking tools. Check it out!

The ability to connect our signatures to our social network profiles is just an added bonus to an already excellent addition to our surfing experience…

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…Judging from the demand for HTML signatures in Gmail, looks like WiseStamp will make quite a few people happy.

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Does it frustrate you that even though you can add HTML links in the content of your email when creating it in Gmail, you can’t add an HTML link to your signature? It sure frustrates me…give WiseStamp a try!

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WiseStamp’s Feed tab allows us to easily include our favorite personalized feed …Now we can share not only our latest blog posts but also bookmarks, videos, pictures, events and much more. This is a excellent way to promote your blog.

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