The art of Facebook community maintenance

Much has been written about building your community on Facebook, but how do you successfully maintain it, and grow it, once it is built? Firstly, maintaining a Facebook community is an art, not a science, but approaching it scientifically is crucial to successfully maintaining it. You should be testing, testing and testing again when it comes to Facebook maintenance, just as you should be doing with every other aspect of your marketing efforts. This applies to everything from the type of content that you use, to your timings for posting, and the distribution of your budget if you are working within Facebook’s sponsored posts system.

Be reliable

Whether or not you are relying on sponsored ads to boost your numbers, people who have chosen to follow your brand will expect to see you post regularly. Whether you choose to post updates for your brand or business on a daily or weekly basis, make yourself a schedule, and stick to it.

Be responsive

Facebook fans who feel that they are important to your brand will continue to be your loyalest brand ambassadors. Ask them for feedback when you are making a decision about your product or your branding, and take their opinions into consideration. If you get complaints about your services, deal with them quickly, and as effectively as possible. Your community will take note, and appreciate it.

Mix up your content

Whilst you should be posting on a regular schedule, don’t let your content get stale. Use both informational and promotional posts, and don’t forget to use visual and video in your posts to keep your community’s interest.

Don’t spam your community

Don’t encourage your Facebook fans to click unlike. Keep an eye on your numbers, and if you see that numbers are dropping consider posting less, not more. Keep promotional posts to a minimal, unless you are giving something away for free, or with great value for your followers.

Treat your Facebook community with respect, and they will respect you back. Provide them with the type of content they signed up for, and they will continue to like your brand and your posts, giving you invaluable feedback that you would struggle to get from any other channel.

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