WiseStamp for Google Apps FAQ:

  1. How do I install WiseStamp for my company on Google Apps?

  2. How can I make another user an administrator? Or let her set the template?

  3. Where can I find WiseStamp in my Google Apps?

  4. How do I setup / standardize a signature for my company?

  5. How do I edit or modify the template / signature for my company?

  6. How do I edit or add my personal details to the company branded signature?

  7. How can I test the signature only with a selected group of employees (i.e. as a pilot)?

  8. How do I invite other employees to use the signature I created?

  9. How Can I Add New Users and Invite them?

  10. How do I force activate a user? Can I enable a signature for an employee without sending an invite?

  11. I installed WiseStamp for Google Apps but it is not working / I can't Fetch new Users. What can I do?

  12. I can only see a single user / I can not add new users, what should I do?

  13. Can I add an administrator or change the admin to my WiseStamp account?

  14. How can I change the location of my signature in reply / forward? I want it above quoted text.

  15. Can I get rid of the double dash in my signature? The -- sign?

  16. How to set WiseStamp on my iPhone?

  17. How To set WiseStamp on Outlook ?

  18. How to add your WiseStamp signature to Mac Mail ?

  19. Image display on email clients and Iphone / Android

  20. How can I remove WiseStamp from my Google Apps?

  21. How can I add a Fax number?

  22. What if I can't find a template I like?

  23. How can I push marketing messages and updates?

  24. I'm unable to install WiseStamp what should I do?

  25. What to do if I Publish changes but the signature stays the same?

  26. How secure is WiseStamp? What permissions / access rights and Privacy Policy are in place?

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