How To set WiseStamp on Mac Mail?

Some of our clients have employees that manage their Google Apps emails via Mac Mail.
Below they can find an easy setup guide that will enable those users to export their WiseStamp signature and use it in Mac Mail. This will enable you to keep your consistent company branding across all platforms.

Note: Once copied the signature will not be centrally managed via the WiseStamp Dashboard , if a change was made to your signatures, you will have to follow the following steps to sync your latest Google Apps WiseStamp signature with your Mac mail.

How to add your WiseStamp signature to Mac Mail


    1. After you reviewed and activated your personal WiseStamp signature send yourself an email with this signature from your Google Apps Mail.
    2. Open Mail - Highlight and Copy (⌘ +C) your signature from the received message. .
    3. Click ⌘+, or Choose Mail > Preferences, and then click Signatures.
    4. If you wish to add a signature for all accounts, select the All Signatures option. Otherwise add the signature to a specific account, by selecting that specific account.
    5. Click the + sign to add a new signature to the account - Paste (⌘+V) your copied WiseStamp Signature there.
    • From the drop down,  make your WiseStamp signature your default for the mail account, and it will automatically be added to each message you compose.