How do I add my signature to Mac Mail / Apple mail?

To add your signature to Mac Mail please follow these steps.

  1. From a Chrome browser only, use this export tool and add your domain email address where prompted. (Note, other browsers will not copy the signature properly.)
  2. Click “Get signature” and your signature will appear on the page.
  3. Use ⌘+A to select the signature.
  4. Use ⌘+C to copy your signature.
  5. Open the Mac Mail preferences >> Signatures.
  6. Add a new signature under the email address you’d like to use with the signature.
  7. Un-check the setting “Always match my default message font.”
  8. Paste your signature using ⌘+V.
  9. If you’d like your signature to automatically show in every email you send from this address, locate the “Choose Signature” option at the bottom of the pop-up and from the drop down menu select your new signature.

That’s it! The next time you compose an email from this account your signature will be at the bottom.

You can also check out the process in this video.

Updated on February 14, 2018

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