Can I add my signature to my mobile smartphone / iPhone / Android?

The only mobile OS and email App that supports HTML/Rich Text composing is iOS and the (Apple) Mail app. Therefore you can get your signature on your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Send yourself an email message with your latest WiseStamp signature and open it in your iPhone.
  2. Copy your signature from your received email: select one bit of text in the signature, tap the selected bit of text. Click “Select all” and then “Copy.”
  3. Return to your Home screen and launch the Settings app.
  4. Go to the Mail menu.
    Scroll down and tap on Signature menu.
  5. In the signature text box, tap the signature field and Paste.
  6. Shake your iPhone to activate the “Undo change attributes” pop-up.
    Press the “Undo” button on message and you’re good to go! Save the settings and you’ll see your signature in your next email.
  7. If you’re not seeing the images (only seeing the text) in your signature, make sure your settings to “Load Remote Images” is enabled. (This setting can be found under “Mail.”

We also put together a quick video showing you this process.

Updated on December 25, 2017

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