Why are no images or links showing in my Mac Mail signature?

  • If you’re not seeing images or links in your signature after exporting, and you’re viewing the signature in the signature settings pop-up, that’s OK. Just save the signature, compose a new email, and your signature should be formatted correctly in the email.
  • If you’ve saved your signature and it’s not formatting correctly in the email, double check your signature settings. The setting “Always match my default message font” should not be selected.
    Please check this in your mail settings and paste in your signature only after it’s been un-checked.
  • If your signature was looking alright yesterday, and today there are no links or images, it could be your plain text setting is activated in your emails.
    Check your Composing settings to make sure the Rich Text option is selected.
    Please also check your Viewing settings to make sure your Mac Mail is set to Load remote content in messages. This will make sure all images load in your emails.
Updated on November 8, 2017

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