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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing- with a focus on both local and global online marketing

AdTaxi Networks is a digital marketing agency, creating and executing custom digital marketing campaigns for enterprise businesses across a wide spectrum of industries. They assist local media groups by working with their sales force, to train and equip them to sell digital marketing solutions.

AdTaxi Networks’ services include search marketing, social media, local marketing, content marketing and email marketing solutions. Founded in 2010 and based in Denver, Colorado, AdTaxi Networks executes over 3,600 advertising campaigns each month.

Building a complex email signature for Gmail

AdTaxi Networks employees have a complicated signature, with several links, and the IT team struggled to create an elegant-looking Gmail signature with all the necessary information in it. According to Kylie Borgias, Marketing Manager at AdTaxi Networks, “In terms of functionality, we have six links in every signature, and that is almost impossible to build into the backend of Gmail without it looking really bad. As a Digital Marketing Agency it is crucial for us that our signatures look really good, and that they include all the links we need is really important to us.”

Kylie Borgias found that a lack of standardization across their signatures was affecting their branding efforts. “we needed a solution for our email signatures that works across the world, essentially we have sellers across the world, and we need a standardized signature. We need our signatures to look really good because we are a digital marketing company.

Throughout our organization we employ 85 people, and every single person had a different email signature, so we looked like 85 different companies. There was a complete lack of standardization. Everyone was using different logos, so there was no branding and continuity.”

Google Apps for Work- perfect for remote teamwork

AdTaxi Networks employees communicate and work with team members and clients worldwide, so a cloud-based system like Google Apps for Work is ideal for them. With Google Apps for Work, formerly known as Google Apps for Business they can sync their calendars, collaborate on docs and chat using hangouts.

Google Apps for Work offers an intuitive business systems for AdTaxi Networks, and other digital marketing companies, but their options for more complex email signatures are limited, and involve a lot of work. WiseStamp for Business is designed to incorporate smoothly into Google Apps for Work, providing a centrally managed team signature solution.

Standardized and professional digital email signatures for the whole team

By using WiseStamp for Business, AdTaxi Networks solved the problems they had been having with lack of standardization throughout their corporate email signatures, and the issues they had experienced with inputting a more complex email signature directly into Gmail.

With WiseStamp for Business their team signatures were standardized, highly professional, and easy to change. According to Kylie, “Everything we put out digitally, including our email signatures need to look top of market. WiseStamp made our signatures look really professional, really modern.”

As well as including their company logo, title, contact information and social media buttons on their corporate signatures, AdTaxi Networks employees also have a Google Premier SMB Partner badge. As one of only 20 Google Premier SMB Partners in the United States, this badge is an important tool for building trust and brand awareness for AdTaxi Networks. Using WiseStamp for Business has made it easy to incorporate it into all corporate emails.

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