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Customized SAP Business One solutions for SMEs in Singapore

Blue Ocean Systems, Singapore, provides clients with a comprehensive and bespoke service which can transform a company’s entire enterprise architecture into a seamless business application. They work with small and medium businesses through the entire SAP enterprise sales process, from business process reviews to post implementation technology support and ongoing training.

Founded in 2003, Blue Ocean Systems has 5 offices with over 100 people, with 20 based in their head office in Singapore.

Professional branding for a service for professionals

Arun Devan, Managing Director of Blue Ocean Systems was looking for a tool to help unify their brand image across the corporation. With 5 offices in different locations, and a growing team of employees it was crucial to promote their branding in a unified way. “Not everyone in the organization is tuned in to the importance of brand awareness and having a consistent and complete way to interact with email communication, which we use a lot in our marketplace. Some email signatures were extremely informal, and others were formal, but not consistent. We were looking to achieve company-wide consistency.””

Blue Oceans Systems runs a regularly updated marketing blog, and is active across several social media channels that they use to reach out to potential customers, and to arm current clients with extra information to maximise the tools they use. Email is one of their primary methods of communication. According to Arun Devan “we wanted to promote our brand in a neat, tiny and consistent way, across all email communication”

Corporate communication- easier with Google Apps for Work

Blue Ocean Systems have used Google Apps for their team communication from day one. “We’ve been using Google Apps for the last 12 years. Google Apps for Work is easy to use, easy to set up and relatively cheap as a solution.

Google Apps for Work is also an ideal solution for remote teams, and corporations that are spread out in several locations. Due to its cloud based applications, employees can work together easily on the same document even when in a different location, without the need to create an endless email buildup when changes need to be made. Functions like Google Calendar make it easier to schedule team calls and events, even across different time-zones.

Google Apps for Work, formerly Google Apps for Business can also be customized for businesses by adding on extra plugins and add-ons to enhance functionality. Whilst Arun Devan generally find Google Apps an intuitive system to use, he found it lacking in terms of email signature functions, but it was simply to add the WiseStamp for Business functionality to their current Gmail system. WiseStamp is the only marketplace app that Blue Ocean Systems is using.

An easy to use tool for brand management

According to Arun Devan, the Blue Ocean Systems “team is happy with the WiseStamp for Business solution. It is neat and professional and is good for branding.” Although WiseStamp has a slight learning curve for less technology-savvy people in the company, it was a relatively easy tool to manage, and instantly branded all external email communication.

WiseStamp also provided an opportunity for Blue Ocean Systems to stand out in the Sinapore Market, and demonstrate their professional branding and technology know-how.. “As far as we are aware we are one of the only companies in Singapore using this solution, so we are unique in using this signature.

With WiseStamp for Business everybody in the company has a clearly labelled role on their signature. “WiseStamp provides different elements that help our prospects and customers interact with us. Previously they might get an email with just a name, and now they understand the roles we play within the organization.

Blue Ocean Systems also use their WiseStamp for Business signatures to promote their social media pages, which they use to build and inform their community, provide customer support and reach out to potential future prospects. They directly track traffic from their WiseStamp for Business email signatures with Google Analytics, and have seen their signatures drive traffic to their corporate blog.

One of the main advantages, according to Arun, “apart from being able to connect with members of our organization through various channels, including social media, we are able to update our corporate signatures on a regular basis. We include our blog posts, which are updated on a weekly basis, so our signatures remain fresh.” This only takes a few minutes every week, and provides great exposure to the company blog, since WiseStamp for Business is used by all 100 company employees.

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