How HMR Designs, an upscale event design corporation in Chicago incorporated their unique corporate branding into their team email signatures with WiseStamp for Business






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HMR Designs- Specialist Event Designers

HMR Designs is a luxury events design company, based in Chicago, Illinois. HMR is the union of three of Chicago’s premier floral and design firms, Heffernan Morgan, Ronsley Special Events, and Botanicals,led by President Bob Mertzlufft.

HMR Designs provides a cohesive design experience for weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and corporate events in the Chicago and wider area- from delicate floral arrangements, to  complicated lighting needs, and original and exciting decor and design. Founded in 1987, HMR Designs now numbers over 50 employees.

One of the areas that separates HMR Designs from its competitors is that their sales and account teams are also an integral part of the design process, so customers needs are truly understood.

Striving for consistency

Heidi Lombardo, Brand and Media Producer is responsible for HMR Design’s online branding, including running their blog and photo library. One of the things that is very important at HMR designs is a consistency when it comes to branding, across all their channels. The company markets itself heavily online, and due to the nature of their work and their clientele, a perfect design finish is crucial on every form of online communication.  According to Heidi, “it was important to us that our messaging and signatures were consistent.”

HMR Designs runs several departments, and employs over 50 people, so achieving the level of consistency that they were striving for across all channel was a challenge. With such a large team to manage, one task that came up over and over again was updating company signatures for new members, and making sure that all team members kept their updated with relevant company information. Another important point for them when considering an email signature was that HMR Designs is active on many social channels, including Facebook and Twitter, but also invest heavily on image-focused social networks Instagram and Pinterest, and they ideally wanted their email signatures to reflect that.

A unified branding solution for external communication

By integrating WiseStamp’s corporate solution into their email signatures. HMR Designs marketing team felt that they could control their branding on all corporate external communications. Their team signature now blends seamlessly with their social media presence, and with their website and other online and offline marketing materials. This demonstrates to future clients their professional outlook and attention to detail with every email they send.

The focus on consistent corporate branding means that rather than use several templates within the company, HMR Designs uses one identical template, only changing personal information such as name, job title and contract information as the need arises. This information can then be centrally updated when needed by just one person in the company, and guarantees the consistency that is so important to them. With their WiseStamp Team Signature Tool, they have a unified and controlled branding solution for all their external email communications.

WiseStamp signatures can also be updated centrally through one dashboard, making it easy to manage all Gmail for Work signatures in one place. The dashboard doesn’t require any previous technical knowledge, so it can be run by through the marketing team, without having to get IT involved after an initial setup.

Heidi also pointed out that, “we like the ability to add links to our social media from the signatures, since we put a lot of effort into developing these pages. It is great that as soon as someone gets an email from one of our team they can easily see the creative work that we’ve done for previous clients via our Pinterest  or Facebook buttons. We also like linking to our social sites to give people ideas of exactly what we can do, so they can work together with us as creative partners”

A more professional and social email signature

Working with WiseStamp’s team solution has helped HMR Designs to incorporate their signature branding into all their emails, whilst tightly controlling the messaging used on email signatures by their employees. Whether emails are being sent from the sales team, the marketing team or any other professional within the company, they all show the same style and professional branding, reflecting HMR Designs and promoting their style.

HMR Designs have also benefited through more attention to their social sites through the social buttons on their emails. Social media is an important source of lead generation and brand promotion for the company, so it is important to promote it as much as possible. The HMR Designs’ social media is an important way for the company to showcase their originality and creativity, as well as get immediate feedback from their potential customer base and current clients. This drives interest in their services, builds their name within the areas they work in and creates direct relevant leads to their social sites and website via the promotional buttons and links in their employee signatures.

Excited about the possibility of tracking leads, HMR Designs hope to fully explore the option of integrating their WiseStamp accounts with Google Analytics in the future to get more information about leads brought in via their email signatures, in order to further enhance and fine-tune their marketing efforts.

HMR Designs would recommend WiseStamp for Business to any event design company looking to take their branding to the next level, and establish full control over the look and messaging on their team email signatures.

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