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Nomad – Portable devices for 21st Century Nomads

Nomad is a boutique consumer electronics startup, creating and selling  simple, elegant, practical products for people on the move. While living between a boat, a basement and the open road, founders Noah and Brian raised $161k on Kickstarter in the summer of 2012, with a mission to reinvent the USB cable with their first product, ChargeCard.

Since then Nomad have continued to work to solve basic problems with simple solutions. Through innovative and out of the box thinking that separates them from their competitors, they’ve  reinvented USB, producing beautiful and mobile smartphone cables. Nomad currently numbers 12 employees, and has a headquarters in San Francisco.

Growing pains

Nomad’s co-founder and head of product Brian Hahn described the situation Nomad reached, when it was growing successfully, and they were looking to develop a cohesive branding structure.

Brian found that implementing frequent signature changes became frustrating as the business grew and new employees came on board. Additionally, as in any startup, titles and roles went through changes, and managing signatures in a consistent way became a challenge. “We were changing our brand and our look, and our internal structure, and it was all a little chaotic  trying to get everyone on the same page. Every time someone new came in, or a title changes, or a phone number changed we had to work on it with everyone and it got pretty annoying.”

Additionally the team encountered technical challenges making changes to the HTML in their signatures to include important key elements, leading to wasted time for the team, as well as unnecessary frustration.

Another issue for Nomad was using their outgoing emails to promote events they were attending, or mailshots that they were sending out. Whilst changing the signature for a small team was simply an inconvenience, when doing it for a growing team another solution was necessary. “The other part was going to CES, or doing an email push, and it was a challenge to advertise that in our emails.”

More effective email branding

By using WiseStamp corporate signature management integrated with Gmail for work, Nomad discovered the ability to control and easily update professional email signatures for their entire team on all external communications, without the need to spend time playing with complicated HTML each time a change needed to be made. The WiseStamp team solution solved their issues with updating their corporate branding across all channels, making it simple to incorporate their new branding into every email being sent from a company account.

Using WiseStamp simplified the process of adding new team members to the Nomad email address, as well as simplifying tasks that included updating details as changes were needed, including job titles and contact details. Since WiseStamp is integrated with Google Apps for Work, every email that was sent out had the correct details on, and could be easily updated centrally through one dashboard, without adding extra work to new employees, or the management team.

Nomad is a company that is heavily focused on product design. By integrating WiseStamp for Businesses into their team Gmail they carried over their branding into their external email communication, emphasising their reputation for attention to detail, and to perfect design.

Nomad has a strong presence on social media, using Facebook, Twitter and other social channels to build a loyal following of brand ambassadors. WiseStamp enabled Nomad to showcase the strength of their social media presence, even when communicating via email and now directly via social media channels.

“Wisestamp makes us feel like a bigger company, we’re all on board.”

As well as aiding Nomad in their push for a unified corporate branding effort, the Nomad team also found an additional benefit to using the WiseStamp for Teams solution. As the team was growing from a few individuals working out of a basement to a successful ecommerce operation, using a unified team email solution like WiseStamp created a sense of unity within the team. As Brian reported, “using WiseStamp makes us feel like a bigger company, we’re all on board.”

As new employees joined the company, using WiseStamp to create and update team email signatures saved the Nomad time and effort, opening up their time to focus on marketing their product. Nomad operates strongly through social media, including selling directly from Facebook ads. By promoting their corporate Facebook page on their team email signatures they opened another channel to promote their strong presence on Facebook, and other social media channels that are a part of their marketing strategy.

WiseStamp also helped to solve the problem that Nomad was experiencing with promoting events that they were attending through their email signature. They showcased their products at CES, and wanted the opportunity to promote this through as many channels as possible. The importance of promoting their attendance at CES was two-fold: not only would it increase foot traffic at the event itself, but it also added prestige to the Nomad brand for people who would not be attending the event.

Brian recommends the WiseStamp team solution to all startups once they grow past a few individuals, both for corporate branding, marketing purposes and team building.

“Once you get past 5 employees, WiseStamp’s team solution is the best.”

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