Wiser, a retail price intelligence, automation, and analytics solution uses WiseStamp for Business to unify their company’s email branding and promote their social media channels via their team email signature.






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Wiser- An intelligent price automation and analytics solution

Wiser is an innovative retail price intelligence, automation and analytics tool for data-driven pricing, working with all major e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, including Amazon and eBay, enabling online retailers to optimize their revenue and profit with a competitive advantage.

Wiser was launched in April 2012 by Raaid Hossain, Arie Shpanya, and Roey Brecher and is based in San Francisco, California. Wiser currently numbers around 50 employees, and is experiencing continued growth of 30-35% month on month.

Searching for a company branding solution for external communication

As Wiser grew from a new startup to a larger, more established company, their Director of Marketing identified a need for a unified company brand for all communication channels, but found it a challenge to easily integrate the company branding into all external email communications. Although some team members integrated their signatures with the new company branding, it was difficult to enforce across all teams, and company employees. They were looking for a tool which would help them extend their branding for all company employee signatures, whilst also centrally controlling the messages used for a smoother, more unified corporate presence.

At the same time Wiser wanted to send more traffic to their social media pages, and grow their communities via these channels, in order to generate leads and build customer loyalty. They were searching for new marketing channels to promote these corporate social media pages to both their current client base and to potential leads.

Killing Two Birds with One Stone

When Wiser’s Director or Marketing heard about WiseStamp for Business she saw an opportunity to both unify and protect their company branding in external communications, and simultaneously use their corporate Gmail for work emails as a marketing channel to promote their social channels.

WiseStamp integrates within Google Apps for work, so it seamlessly attaches to employees’ Gmail for Work signatures to present a unified online company brand. It also turns each company email that is sent into a marketing tool to promote corporate social media sites, events or special deals.

WiseStamp can be easily set up by the IT manager, and can then be managed by the marketing team, HR or any other person in the company. Its central dashboard is easy to use, and requires little technical knowledge to update.

WiseStamp integrates into Google Analytics, so you can track where your leads are coming from, and which messages are driving conversions.

Min-Jee Hwang, Marketing Director at Wiser found WiseStamp very quick and easy to set up, giving her immediate access to email signatures for her whole team. WiseStamp makes it easier to manage email branding for our growing team in a centralized dashboard.”

Another aspect of WiseStamp which Min-Jee appreciated was the ability to customize signatures for different departments and different team members. WiseStamp provides a variety of templates for different corporate needs, but also allows customization according to location or department, or the roles of team members.

“I can quickly and easily customize signatures to fit the needs of different team members within the company”

Wiser currently uses WiseStamp for Business for 30 out of 50 of their current employees, including all of their sales and marketing teams.

Turning every email into a marketing tool

By integrating WiseStamp for Business into their employee Gmail for Work accounts, Wiser found a solution for protecting and promoting their brand in all corporate email communication. Email signatures are centrally managed by the marketing team, allowing the company to present a united brand whenever their team communicates via their email with both current clients and prospective leads.

When new team members joined Wiser, or signature details had to be changed, Min-Jee found it took just a few minutes to update the WiseStamp dashboard, saving her the time and efforts involved with chasing up individual employees, and a standardized email signature was guaranteed right from the beginning.

Min-Jee believes that when WiseStamp for Business is integrated into Gmail for work it turns each email that is sent from a company email address into a marketing tool. WiseStamp is easy to manage as a tool for protecting your brand and promoting your content or social media. I would recommend it to other marketing directors.”

WiseStamp also gave Wiser the opportunity to promote their social media sites and events via their team email signatures, and could be customized for each department. Wiser chose to use a different signature for their sales team, who were reaching out to new prospects than the standard company signature. By customizing a signature just for the sales team they could craft a message designed to get more sales, as well as promote the company brand and image.

WiseStamp for Business saved Wiser time in crafting and updating all company email signatures, and also provided them with a stylish solution for promoting their brand, and their social media pages. With WiseStamp’s for Business in place the marketing team had total control over the brand and messaging that was being used by their team in external communication.

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