Learn how to Promote an Event with your company signature


Email might be one of the best ways to Promote an event

The biggest fear in holding an event is… well… that no one will come.
Don’t invest the time and the money in setting everything up just to end up disappointed and alone.

We created a powerful Event Email App you can add to your signature. This is handy for various reasons:

  • Takes seconds to setup and deploy to all employees
  • Makes every employee an active promoter of the Event
  • Can boost signups as well as serve as a reminder
  • Oh, and it looks real good!

To add an Event to your signature:

  1. Choose the “Email Apps” in the editor
  2. Scroll to the “Event App” and “Add it”
  3. Add Title, Text and Link (if you have one)
  4. Add an Icon if you want to make it more visible

Done? Click “Publish” and it will be added to the signatures of all your active users.
The Event is over? delete the app and click Publish. It’s as simple as that.

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