5 complaints you’ll never hear from colleagues after going Google

Working from home is a pain. Collaboration with my teammates is a nightmare. I cannot access that document because I am yet to upgrade my software.

Working from home is a pain. Collaboration with my teammates is a nightmare. I cannot access that document because I am yet to upgrade my software. I missed that meeting because it snowed.

Well, no more!

Enter Google Apps, the perfect compliment to your business. To start with, it’s much more than just a collection of apps for using Google Chrome!

Google Apps is a cloud based productivity suite of online applications that enable you to create, share, and publish documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, and much more from anywhere where there’s internet (or no internet!). The suite makes it easy for teams to collaborate from anywhere they are. If harnessed right, Google Apps has the power to make remote working easier than it ever was! Here’s a quick guide to setting up Google Apps.

In this article, I have listed 5 complaints that you’ll never hear from colleagues after going Google.

1.Did you email me that document?

With Google Drive, sharing documents has become smooth, no more attachments, no incessant to and fros. Drive allows you to store, sync, and share documents and data with your team, from anywhere, any device. You have complete control on whom you share data with, and what permissions does he/she have (view only, can edit).

A great feature that Drive offers is automatic sync. You can sync your Drive with a folder on your computer; any changes you make locally are automatically replicated on Drive, and vice versa. Drive also allows you to view a wide variety of file formats without buying extra software. You can buy an unlimited plan for $10 per user per month.

In short, access all your work wherever you need it, from your laptop, tablet, or phone.

2. I need to get my computer to do that

Not any more. The functionality of mobile devices is increasing by leaps and bounds every day, Google Apps is right in tune when it comes to mobile compatibility.

With Google Apps, you can access all your documents from all your devices. The options available are – web based access, IMAP connectivity, the Gmail application, or the Google Sync application. Given the multitude of options available to you for Google Apps email on a mobile client, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs.

Here’s the full documentation for Google Apps Mobile Management.

3. Oops, I havn’t saved my changes

Everything auto-saves. There’s no room for even beginners to miss it as Autosave is enabled by default. There’s a good chance for beginners and intermediaries to never discover it, if not default; Google’s got it just right.

What’s really great? It allows you to edit documents even when offline, and it all syncs up the moment you go online. Here’s how you can enable offline sync. Once you’re all set up, every time you create a file in Drive, it will be automatically saved to your hard drive. If it’s enabled on your account, you’ll have the “syncing items” box on your main Google Drive page.

4. Too much software is slowing down my computer

Gone are the days when you’d need a wide variety of software applications to get through your day. With Google Apps, you gain access to cloud based software applications which require no installation.

Cloud services do not require software installed on each computer or devices that access them. No licensed installations, tech support, or any other IT resource to take care of. You don’t even have to worry about updates, or how to keep everyone configured with the latest upgrade.

Your only cost with Google Apps is the subscription cost.

5. I cannot make it to the meeting

With Google Hangouts, you can save time and money on travel, and still get all the benefits of face to face contact. You can host hangouts for up to 15 people within or outside your organization. Your team can join the Hangout from anywhere, any device.

You can also broadcast a hangout to as many people as you like.

“Hangouts has allowed us to be more focussed and helped us reducing meeting times by up to 50%”, says Jim Nielsen of Shaw Industries.

What’s really great – the screen automatically focusses on whomever is speaking, and intelligent muting reduces background noise.

I hope Google Apps has piqued your interest by now. Happy collaboration!

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