5 questions to ask yourself before you send an email out from the HR department

It can be tempting to let the power of the HR department go to your head when it is time to send out a company  email, but ask yourself these five questions first to save you and your colleagues’ time, and avoid damaging your professional reputation.

1. Who do I need to send it to?

Does the email really need to go out to the whole company, or just certain departments, or department heads? Don’t waste people’s time by including them on emails they don’t need to see or  you will waste their time and quickly lose their respect.

2. Is my email title clear?

Your email title is your headline, and many times it may the only part of the email that is read by all recipients. Make sure it let’s people know exactly what they will find in the body of the email, and why they should read it.

3. Is the text to the point?

Once you’ve crafted the perfect, informative headline it is time to work on the body of the text. Does it says exactly what it needs to say? Is there any follow up information that you can add to save time on later emails? Read over the first few sentences, or the first paragraph. If they are just a pointless introduction then cut them completely, and save everybody’s time.

4. If I send it now will everybody read it?

Timing is a major factor when sending an important email, so don’t send something that you need to be read during lunch or last thing on a Friday. Use a tool like Boomerang to schedule your emails to hit inboxes at the time when they are most likely to be read.

5. Have I remembered a professional corporate signature?

As a member of the HR team you represent your business brand. Don’t forget to add your corporate signature to every piece of internal and external email communication. Your signature should include your title, contact details and your company disclaimer. You can also use WiseStamp’s team solution to produce professional team signatures for your whole company, easily managed from one central dashboard.

recruiter signature