Why your email signature is letting your non-profit down

As a non profit you operate on a tight budget, and every dollar and dime you spend on marketing and branding counts. You are competing against other non-profits for the attention of your benefactors, and the media, and you have to do it in a world where people have an average attention span of about six seconds, if you are lucky.

Even if you are an email marketing guru, and you’ve armed yourself with the top social media and online marketing tools on the market, there might still be one thing that is letting you and your non-profit down: your email signature.

A missed opportunity

If your team email signature simply has the name and position of the person in your team, and your location details on it, you are missing out on a serious opportunity to promote yourselves and your organization. By optimizing your email signature using a tool like WiseStamp for Business you’ll turn every email you send into an opportunity to promote your latest blog post, fundraising event, or initiative. You can even add a donate button directly to everyone’s signature, to unobtrusively collect donations from people who are already aware of your organization, and the good work that you do.

Promote your social presence

Not only should your team signatures contain information about your physical address and the best ways to contact you, they should also showcase your social media presence. Got a video you’ve worked hard to create, showing exactly what your organization does? Link to it on your team signature. Run an active Facebook page promoting your non-profit? That should be there too.

Your team email signature is a fantastic opportunity to brand your non-profit to everybody you communicate with, but it is also so much more than that. Don’t let your email signature let your non-profit down. Turn every email your team sends into a marketing tool to maximize exposure to your cause, and the work that you do.

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