6 tips for managing a sales team

When you worked hard to build a sales team of natural sales managers you want to make sure they can do their job to the best of their abilities. By following these six tips your sales team can fulfil their potential and make more sales for you.

1 – Make sure they know your product inside out.

Even the best sales person can’t make sales if they don’t understand the product they are selling. It is worth every penny to properly train your sales team in all aspects of your product, including meeting with your product development team to really gain an understanding of what they are selling. Invest the time for them to listen in on sales calls from your top sales managers, and run through customer questions and issues that they are most likely to come across, so they know how to best answer them.

2 – Provide individual and team brainstorming to improve team performance

Many sales teams compete against each other through internal games and competitions like league tables. Instead consider encouraging your sales team to provide helpful feedback for each other, to improve the overall team performance. Run weekly brainstorming sessions when you can roleplay customer calls, or discuss problems or solutions from the previous week.

3 – Reward performance in a meaningful way.

Whilst your sales team may care about the success of your business, they are also working to earn commission on their sales. If commission isn’t meaningful compared to base salary then your team will be less motivated to make sales. Offer other perks to your team to raise morale and boost performance, but don’t neglect your commission rate as your number one way to reward performance.

4 – Provide real breaks if you want your team to sell to their best ability

Sales people are not robots, and you can’t expect them to perform this way. Make sure you provide your sales team will regular breaks to allow them to stretch their legs and refresh their minds. Days off and team building days are just as valuable to your sales performance as working days, as a well rested sales team will always outperform an exhausted, under motivated one.

5 – Collect direct feedback on your team’s performance

By attaching a direct feedback form to your sales team’s email signatures, you can easily and unobtrusively collect valuable feedback through every email they send to your customers and potential customers.

customer success signature with photo

6 – Make feedback a two way street

By getting feedback from your team about the problems they are encountering you can make important improvements to your product, and make sure that your marketing team are supporting sales with relevant leads. Your sales team are the people who best understand your customers and the way they think, so it is just as important to learn from them, as it is to teach them what they need to know.