How to successfully market your company wide list of properties

If your real estate company has properties in different neighborhoods, or even in different areas of the country it can be tough to know how best to market them to generate the most interest.

One important marketing tool available to you is a search feature on your property listings on your website. The search feature should allow interested parties to narrow their search by both by location and details about the property, including numbers of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.

You can also target Facebook sponsored posts promoting specific properties by targeting the audience for your sponsored stories to a particular neighborhood or demographic. You can choose to do this with several different properties in different neighborhoods through different posts, or even in different areas of the country if your Facebook page covers a national real estate business, and not just a local one.

One area of your marketing plan that you might be neglecting is your team email signature. By using an email signature marketing solution like WiseStamp you can tailor each email signature to highlight the properties in their area, so that your North California team are promoting your latest North California properties, and your South California team are promoting your hottest South California properties via their email signatures. You can also highlight specific sales in a specific area, either choosing to promote it via all your team signatures, or limiting it to specific team members.

realtor signature

When marketing company wide property listings across a wide geographical location you might choose to focus on local newspapers for each area, showcasing only relevant local properties in each area, rather than your entire portfolio of listings. You’ll have to remember to update your local listings as you get more properties, and as properties go off the market. This also applies to local email groups that you might be a part of. When choosing to promote a company wide list of properties via a local email group there are two golden rules: keep your postings relevant, and keep them infrequent enough to not be seen as spam posts. Being removed from a list for posting too often is never good for your professional image.