How to create your perfect real estate team email signature

As a successful real estate company, your team sends out hundreds of emails every week, to current clients, potential clients, suppliers and partners. Every email that your team sends is another branding opportunity, and “prime real estate” to market your listings, so it is crucial that you get your email signatures right.

Here’s our step by step guide to the perfect email signature for a real estate company.

1. Include your company logo

Your company logo is an important part of your branding, so it is important that it is displayed on all your agents’ email signatures. By prominently displaying your company logo your agents are showing that they are a proud part of your company.

Your success reflects positively on them, and their success positively reflects back on the company.

Zephyr signature

2. Include your company branding and colors

The bigger a company gets, the harder it can be to incorporate company branding across all agents’ communication, and across all employees. By incorporating your company branding into your team email signature you show a united front to anyone who contacts you.

Most prospective clients go through several “touch points” within a real estate firm during their process. By showing the same signature design and branding across all emails you show your clients, and future clients that you mean business.

A unified company branding strategy is just as important for smaller realtor firms as it is for large companies. By displaying a unified and professional email branding strategy you show your client base that you are professional and can be trusted.

3. Include all relevant contact details

Giving future clients or business development partners the choice of how to reach your team shows that you are accessible and willing to make the effort to meet them where it is most comfortable for them.

This means including:

  • your website,
  • office telephone number
  • specific cell numbers or office numbers for agents who wish to be reached directly

Should you add email addresses to team signatures? That is your call. Whilst it isn’t strictly necessary since your contact can just reply to you, some companies like to include it as an extra detail, or so that it is seen if the email is printed out.

real estate 2

4. Display your most important listings 

Your team email signatures are not just a great place to display your corporate branding, they are also a valuable marketing tool.

Linking to your most important listings across all team signatures, or linking to listings according to each geographical area you serve is an easy and effective way to get more eyeballs for the property listings.

5. Personalize your team signatures by adding employee photos, or social media buttons

Emails with a photo of the person sending it are more likely to get a response, so you can you use this to improve your agents’ response rates.

You can also consider adding social media buttons to Facebook or Twitter, or you want to promote your listings via Pinterest or YouTube.

A word of warning though, keep your signature interesting, but don’t go over the top. If your team signatures get too long it can distract from your overall ¬†message.

realtor signature

6. Reassess your team email signatures on a regular basis and ask yourself these 4 questions?

  1. Does the branding on your email signatures match your current company branding?
  2. Are all contact details for all agents and office staff up to date?
  3. Are social media buttons reflecting your current usage?
  4. Have you considered tracking traffic from your email signatures via Google Analytics trackers?

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