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Here’s what our users say

"I’m often frustrated by the lack of cohesion of my email signature depending on what program folks are using to read mail. Wisestamp solves that, making me look more professional."
Viveka von Rosen
Viveka von Rosen
Author of “LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day
"WiseStamp gives professionals who are LinkedIn as thier main social networking platform an email signature that helps promote robust personal branding, engagement, and connections."
Neal Schaffer
Author, “Maximize Your Social”
"WiseStamp helps me market my business to everyone I email effortlessly. I just click compose or reply, and the signature is ready to go!"
Kristi Hines
Kristi Hines
Freelance Writer

Signature in email 101

How do I add an email signature?

You can add an email signature in your mail provider’s settings, which typically requires some design and HTML understanding. You can also use our award-winnning signature generator – just fill in your information, select a template, and, well, that’s it!

How do I edit a signature in email?

Much like you created it – on your email provider’s settings or using our signature generator. Just select a new signature template, customize it, and save the changes. Then, log in to your email account and make sure you see the updated signature.

How do I create a Gmail signature?

Log in to Gmail, then click the gear icon and choose “Settings”. In the “Signature” field, you can type in your signature or paste a pre-made signature that will help you stand out. To easily create a pre-made signature, use a signature generator. Click “Save changes” – your new signature in email will automatically appear at the bottom of your messages.

Why should I use a signature generator?

The average worker sends 40 emails a day, so using a signature generator – also known as signature maker, or signature creator – is a great way to maximize conversions from your emails. Setting up your signature for email is easy, comes with plenty of signature templates, and it’s free.

How do I create a WiseStamp signature for email?

Creating a WiseStamp signature is easy. Just sign up, add your personal information, choose a signature template and customize it. Then, click “save” and export it to your email providers. WiseStamp works with Gmail, Outlook, Mac Mail – and plenty of others.

How do I create an Outlook signature?

Open Outlook, and compose a new email. Click “Signature”, then choose the “Signatures” option. Now choose “New” and name your signature (e.g. “my sig”) Type the text you want in the signature field – or paste a ready- made rich signature that will make you stand out. When you are done, click “OK” to make sure your emails will include your signature.

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