Add Your Tumblr Blog to your email signature in seconds

Love Tumblr? Promote your Tumblr blog every time you send an email! Now you can add your Tumblr Blog to your WiseStamp email signature with one click! Tumblr is one of the coolest blogging platforms, especially in the 18-30 age range. Now you can promote your content on Tumblr whenever you send an email, via your email signature easily and professionally. How do I add Tumblr to my Email Signature? It’s easy, with WiseStamp you can do it in seconds.
  1. Go to the WiseStamp WebApp– scroll down past signature details,  your picture or logo, social profiles and extras. Under Choose Apps- change it to All.
Add Tumblr to Your Email Signature
  1.  Click on Latest on my Tumblr.
Add Tumblr to your email signature Write in your Tumblr Username, and your latest title should come up. You can change the text in Title if you want. Add Tumblr to email signature Create your free WiseStamp signature today, and growth-hack your email signature!   Use another blogging platform to share your content with the world? Your email signature is also the perfect place to promote your WordPress or Add Your Medium Blog To Your Email Signature too. Check it out!