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WiseStamp for Explorer First Steps Guide

Congratulations! WiseStamp is now installed and you are ready to create your email signatures.
Note: WiseStamp is currently available on Gmail. Using other webmails? Stay tuned, we are launching soon!

Getting Started with WiseStamp:

1. Edit your signature > Click the Edit button to open the signature editor. From the editor, design and customize your signature and add Email Apps. That’s it! Now, when you compose an email your signature will appear automatically. WiseStamp editor Tip: You can use the Templates for quick and easy setup. 2. You can use the compose button to instantly compose an email no matter where you are! 3. Did you design more than one signature? Great, you can click the Switch button to switch between different signatures or choose None to send an email without a signature. Tip: Read Design tips To learn how you can design and shape your new WiseStamp email signature.

Video Tour:

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