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1 Design Customize your signature using the Editor window
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Here are some of the great things you can do with WiseStamp :

  • Design

    Personalize & Design

    Easily personalize your signatures look and style:
    • Choose a Template from our beautiful collection
    • Customize the Font & Colors
    • Include contact info
    • Upload your Picture or Logo
    • Use multiple email signatures [Personal / Business]

  • Get Social

    Add Your Social Profiles

    Easily include your Social Profiles
    • Link to your Twitter & Facebook Page
    • Include your latest : Youtube Video, Pinterest pin and more...

  • Live updates

    Promote what you care about!

    Easily include live updates using Email Apps:
    • Share Latest Blog posts
    • Embed Twitter & Facebook updates
    • Promote your eBay, Etsy products
    • Using G+, Instagram, Vimeo? We got them all!

  • Do Business

    Leverage your Business

    Transform every email you send into a business opportunity:
    • Expand professional reach with your Linkedin profile
    • Share your Business info and Map location
    • Showcase your latest work and portfolio
    • Link to your online C.V

  • Share

    Share your signature

    Easily share your signature with your friends and fans on Facebook & Twitter using the Preview and Share options.

  • Go Pro!

    Upgrade now and get more awesomeness:

    Here is what you get:
    ? Many Professional Templates & Designs
    ? Unlimited Signatures creation
    ? Advanced management
    (Assign Signatures, Reply / Forward)
    ? Branding removal
    ? Priority Support and more...