Add an RSS Feed to your Email Signature

25+ best Feed ideas to empower your Email Signature

With WiseStamp’s Feed email app you can now easily insert your favorite personalized feed (RSS), and it will automatically update in your email signatures. Share your latest blog posts, bookmarks, videos, pictures, events and so much more…Get some cool Wise-Feed inspiration.
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Best WiseStamp Feed practices:

Promote Your:

  1. Blog– Automatically include the title of your latest blog post in your email signature by simply adding your blog feedWordPress, Blogger, Typepad, Tumblr
  2. Status (and Microbloging) – Share and link to your latest Twitter ,Facebook, Seesmic, Xanga status in your emails.
  3. Works– Promote your freelance works or designs with Devineart, Elance etc..
  4. Story submission – link to your latest Digg, Stumbleupon, Propeller, Mixx, Sphinn stories…
  5. Online activity– Add your latest Freindfeed, Mybloglog activities.
  6. Music– Share your beloved songs with (see feeds + more feed)
  7. Bookmarks– Share your latest delicious , Raddit…etc
  8. Photos– Let your friends see your latest Flickr , Picasa online , Photobucket pictures etc…
  9. Videos– Promote your latest Video submission or present your favorite play-list via Youtube, Vimeo…
  10. Expertise– Present your latest answers on Yahoo answers ,Yedda.
  11. Goals– list and share your goals via- 43 Things and let your friends Cheer you.
  12. Book Readings– Share your latest book reads via Goodreads.
  13. Reviews– promote your (or others) reviews via Yelp-Yelp feeds
  14. Share– Your latest Google reader shared items.

Make your signatures STAND OUT with:

  1. Daily quote- Add famous & funny updating quotes via Quotdaddy, Quotes4all feeds (be sure to define Title item-Quote~~Author)
  2. Hot lists– Link to the latest articles and posts of popular stories and hot lists such as Yahoo top buzz , Top digg feeds , Top Mixx , Popular deliciuos, Top Raddit….
  3. News– Present and link your signature with the latest breaking news via cnn feeds , New york times feeds ,Wired feeds , Google news
  4. Twitter nifty searches– Feature interesting and nifty twitter conversations and #hashtags such as, Cool links, #haiku, Social media,“listening to” , movie 🙂
  5. Movies & TV– Present top lists and viewing recommendations (New Releases, Daily Top 25…) via Netflix feeds , Bluckuster feeds or T.V shows via Hulu feeds.
  6. Top Videos– Present most viewed, top rated short videos via Youtube feeds, Metacafe feeds
  7. Firefox Lovers– Promote Firefox Featured Add-ons, Foxiewire news
  8. Pro Blogs– present latest posts from your favorite blogs such as Lifehacker, Mashable,Techcrunch , Readwriteweb , Problogger ….
  9. Finance– Present your favorite stoke news via Google finance or Yahoo finance or your favorite stock quotas
  10. Weather– Share your local weather forecasts with feeds from Yahoo weather or feed
  11. Events– Share market events or the events you are planing to attend Upcoming
  12. Sport– Share your latest team sport news & results with Espn feeds, Yahoo sports feeds, BBC Sports feeds
  13. Celeb & Gossip– Share the latest celeb gossip with friends Popsugar, Entertainmentwise feeds
We definitely missed some great feeds & ideas in this list so how about sharing your feed ideas with us – What is your favorite Email signature feed ?