Add a Christmas Signature to Your Email

Spread holiday cheer with each email you send by adding a Christmas signature!

wisestamp email signature with a gif wisestamp email signature with a gif

Seasonal messaging is proven to build customer relationships and boost sales

We’ve made it easy and fun for you to spread the holiday spirit with your email signature! Simply choose one of our professionally designed holiday banners and add it to your signature in a few clicks. It’s our holiday gift to you!

Create and customize your Christmas Email Signature from dozens of templates

FAQ: Adding a Christmas email signature and adding a Christmas banner in your email signature

How to add a Christmass email signature?

You can create a Christmas-themed email signature in less than 15 minutes with WiseStamp’s email signature generator. You can choose to upload your own Christmas image or GIF to your signature or add one of our Christmas-themed banners or GIFs.

How to set up a Gmail Christmas Signature?

You can set up a Gmail Christmas signature easily with an email signature maker. First, Sign up. Then, custmize your signature: choose a template, populate the fields and select the right colors. When you’re done, click on export to Gmail. connect your Gmail account and you’re all set. Start spreading the holiday spirit!

How do you set up a Christmas Signature in Outlook?

This is easy with an email signature creator – simply sign up, choose a template, populate the fields and customize the colors. Then, click on export to Outlook. Copy and paste your signature into the Outlook signature settings, and you’re all set. Start spreading the holiday spirit!

What is the recommended image size for making a GIF?

If you’d like to upload your own images to create a Christmas-themed GIf, we recommend using images that are 90 X 90 pixels.

How do I make a WiseStamp signature?

Sign up using Gmail, Facebook or your email address. Choose your template and fill in your contact details. Choose your email client (e.g. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo!) Add the WiseStamp Chrome extension, refresh your email inbox, and you’re done!

How do I add a Christmas Banner to my email signature?

Visit the WiseStamp signature editor. Go to “Apps” and choose the Christmas Banner app. Choose one of our professionally designed Christmas banners, add it to your signature in one click, and hit “Save.” That’s it!