How To Add A Signature In Thunderbird?

Having an email signature is key in today business environment. A good email signature lets you rise above your competition and form an amiable bond with your recipient. While setting it in Thunderbird seems tricky, below is the quickest way to create a Thunderbird signature. How To Add A Signature In Thunderbird

Here’s how to create a signature in Thunderbird in six quick steps.

  1. Design your signature in a generator like WiseStamp
  2. Click “Manage email clients” and choose Thunderbird
  3. Click the “Grab signature” green button
  4. In Thunderbird, select “Tools”, “Account Settings” and your account.
  5. Check “Use HTML” and paste (ctrl+V/⌘+V)
  6. Your signature will now appear in your emails

Create Your Signature

How to add a Signature to Thunderbird Editor   Here’s a quick video to show you how to add a signature in Thunderbird:  

Create Your Signature