Developer – Student? Come join us!

Come join us, we’re hiring!

We’re looking for talented, independent and enthusiastic people to become a part of a small team with a lot of challenges, great energy and last, but not least – a very unique working space!

Developer – Student position

As a student developer at WiseStamp you will be working with new, exciting technologies. We’re a small team performing various tasks, so you’ll be working on both, client and server sides. We are looking for a candidate with the ability to quickly learn new platforms. We use many different technologies, and while we don’t expect you to know them all coming in, we need a candidate who can quickly learn and be proficient with them!   Technologies we use:
  • Languages: Python, PHP, JavaScript
  • Cloud platforms: Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services
  • Databases: MySQL, SimpleDB, Datastore, BigQuery
  • Web: HTML, CSS, jQuery, AngularJS
  • Misc: Git, SVN, NetBeans, PyCharm
  Skills & requirements:
  • Passion for writing code (if you have any projects you’ve coded in your spare time – smartphone apps, websites, open source project you contributed to, anything code related – we’d love to check them out!)
  • Quick learner (for real)
  • Proactive mindset, self-motivated
  • No working experience required!
  About WiseStamp WiseStamp’s vision is to build an email apps platform that enables users to utilize their emails with social, productive and engaging email apps. We provide signature solution for web based mails, Google Apps mails with hundreds of thousands of active users, and over 15 million monthly mails.   What’s in it for you?
  • Hands-on experience with latest web and cloud technologies
  • Work in an ego-less, results driven environment
  • Make an impact on hundreds of thousands of users
  • All you can eat popcorn
  Address applications with resumes to: With this email subject: Dev student position + Name  

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