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Create Your Mac Signature


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How To Create Email Signature On Mac?

Follow these steps to Create your Mac Mail signature:

  1. Choose Mail, go to Preferences, then click Signatures.
  2. In the left column, select the email account you want to enrich & click +
  3. Type a name for your signature
  4. In the right column (the preview), create your signature

How To Add Social Media Icons To Mac Email Signature?

  1. In the WiseStamp editor, go to the "social profiles" section
  2. Choose your social media icons (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc.)
  3. Add the URL to your profile (link) for each social icon
  4. When you are done, click "Save changes"
  5. Click "manage email clients" and choose Mac Mail
  6. Follow the simple instructions and you are done
Enjoy your new Social media rich Mac Mail Signature!

How To Add Signature In Mac Mail?

  1. Open the WiseStamp editor and click on "manage email clients"
  2. Choose the Mac Mail option
  3. Click your signature and copy (ctrl+C/cmd+C in Mac)
  4. Open Mac Mail and compose a new email
  5. Click "Preferences", then click "Signatures"
  6. Click "New", name your signature (e.g. "my sig") and paste (ctrl+V / cmd+V)