WiseStamp’s Social Influencer Brief

Last revised: July 18, 2021

1. Introduction & background

WiseStamp is the leading online email signature generator and management software used by professionals worldwide. We help over 1 million users promote their business daily with every email they send. With WiseStamp, our users immediately strengthen brand awareness by generating more leads; engaging with recipients, showcasing their portfolio, and driving traffic to their website.

Users can create their personalized email signature within just a few clicks, with no code or design skills required. By simply adding your details, linking your social channels, choosing your pre-design template that can be custom-designed, and selecting the add-ons of your choice. 

WiseStamp understands that in today’s economy, micro-business owners and freelancers need simple, actionable, and affordable tools to help them build and grow their businesses. This product is designed for them.

Please visit www.wisewtamp.com to get a better understanding of our product. Then, proceed to create yourself an account at https://webapp.wisestamp.com/ and familiarize yourself with the platform, the different templates, app, and design abilities.

2. Who is WiseStamp’s target audience?
Please frame your content to our specific audience that consists of freelancers & self-employed professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners from ages 25-45 located in the USA. For example:

realtors, lawyers, photographers, designers, artists, consultants, etc.  

2.1 Campaign overview

  • Approvals and schedule: 
    • The concept will be discussed and approved with the Brand prior to production
    • All content must be approved by the Brand prior to publishing
    • Vid
    • eo’s details (ex. title, caption, description, hashtags, tags, etc.) will be approved by the Brand prior to posting
    • Posting date will be coordinate with the Brand prior to publication
  • Video content: 
    • Create a video that involves WiseStamp’s email signature generator, either a recommendation / review / how-to / tips / product use case etc. 
    • Elaborate on: 
      • WiseStamp pre-designed email signature templates
      • Our advanced design abilities, and making your signature fit your brand color and style.
      • Our dynamic apps that you can add to your signature (animated sign-off, banner, Instagram feed, etc) 
      • Social icons and buttons to generate traffic to your online channels
    • Make sure to mention 2-3 of the following benefits:
      • “Integrates into Gmail with a click of a button”  
      • “no code or design skills required”
      • “Professional-looking and easy to use” 
      • Variety of pre-designed beautiful templates fit for every need and profession
      • Dynamic apps that increase engagement and can generate traffic to your website or social channels
      • All content should be an original work created by the Influencer
  • Aesthetics: 
    • WiseStamp requests influencers to engage and take part in the content creation process by showing their face in the video

2.2. Tracking and measuring 

  • Campaign goals and KPIs: positive feedback, traffic to WiseStamp, click on bit.ly link will be provided by the brand.
  • Specific campaign links will be provided by the Brand prior to publishing the content.
  • Provide the brand all data regarding the performance of the ad/video/content (including, but not limited to, views, shares, likes, comments and number of links of the given link).
  • If relevant, the influencer will provide a unique post ID for the brand use, and extend the permission from time to time, if required.
  • Video should remain live and publicly available on the influencer’s channel, unless otherwise requested by the Brand.

2.3 Content restrictions

  • The post / videos should not contain adult content and should be appropriate for younger users. Do not prompt video content that is related to any of the following: 
    • Nudity 
    • Shocking imagery (violence or sex) 
    • Offensive material 
    • Hate speech 
    • Harmful/unsafe behaviors 
    • Explicit language/swearing. 
  • Plagiarize: All the content delivered from the Influencers on behalf of WiseStamp must be original and not been published elsewhere (texts, images, photos, video, etc).
  • It’s up to the influencer to ensure he or she complies with the FTC rules according to their location, and the relevant social media regulations regarding fair advertising.
  • All influencers are held responsible to use copyright free music and other forms of audio 

Specific Social Media platforms instructions

  • YouTube:
  • Talent will not post video on his/ her channel for at least 24 hours before posting the Brand’s video and at least 24 hours after posting the Brand’s video
  • Minimum integration length is 90 seconds
  • Talent will drive viewers to click the link in the description box using a CTA at the end of the integration segment, as well as at the end of the video.
  • Video Description Box:
    • Above the fold: 1 link to the Brand and a special offer (if applicable).
    • Below the fold: additional Brand links (if applicable)
    • All links will be provided by the Brand prior to content publishing date
  • Instagram:
    • Talent will publish a link to the Brand in their Instagram bio for 48 hours after the publication date. Exact link will be provided by the Brand prior to posting.
    • Talent will tag the Brand using the Brand’s social handle, and include the Brand’s hashtags
    • For Instagram stories:
      • Story should include 3-4 frames (minimum 15 seconds each)
      • Any text and emojis added to the story should be approved by the Brand prior to posting
      • Talent will include a swipe-up link to the Brand’s website, using the URL provided by the brand
  • TikTok:
    • Talent will mention the Brand name in the video thumbnail
    • Talent will publish a link to the Brand in their TikTok bio for 48 hours after the publication date. Exact link will be provided by the Brand prior to posting.
    • Use only music approved for commercial use. Look for the sound’s available placements and geo in the link: https://cc.oceanengine.com/service/music/US/en/

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