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Every email you send is a business opportunity, WiseStamp email signatures enables you to take advantage of the thousands of emails you send and makes them more professional, personal and engaging. WiseStamp enables you to easily create a professional looking email signatures. It’s a simple and effective solution for Individuals and professionals (Freelancers, Realtors, Photographers, Designers etc.) who wish to look professional and promote their business with every email sent. With WiseStamp users can easily include their contact info, profile picture and logo, social profiles (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook etc.) and an engaging call to action, such as their latest tweet, upcoming webinar, follow button, banner, newsletter signup, or latest updating blog post at the bottom of their emails. WiseStamp for Business, teams on Google Apps can also easily manage, brand and push marketing for all their employee email signatures, in seconds, from one central dashboard.  

Key Features

  • Easy & Intuitive interface.
  • Use professional templates & examples.
  • Create, manage and switch between multiple signatures
  • Add Social profiles/icons (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, WordPress, Behance, Dribbble etc..)
  • Call to actions – Promote your latest Tweet, Facebook posts, Webinar, Blog post, Twitter followers, Youtube video etc.
  • Supports all Major webmails – Gmail, Inbox by gmail, Yahoo Mail!, Google Apps, Office 365
  • Export to Mac mail, Outlook & iPhone mail signatures



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