“A picture is worth a thousand words” this statement becomes especially true once the picture is a beautiful Infographic, a graphic visual representations of information. In this post we are excited to share with you, two new WiseStamp Infographics created by our very own WiseStamp users. So without further due, here they come:

WiseStamp Email Signature optional elements:

WiseStamp Email Signature Infographic Click to view. This Infographic, created by Aneesh Sarayoo of sarayoo.info, visually breaks down the various elements you can include as part of your WiseStamp email signature. You can choose to include one or any of the following elements: Your personal details, Company logo, Social media icons or one of our popular Email Apps such as your: Latest Blog post, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin button.  

Create your powerful email “business card”

Another great WiseStamp Infographic, created by Arun Kumar from tigriinnovations.com ,  showcases the power “behind the scenes” of a typical WiseStamp email signature. WiseStamp Email Signature Info graphics Click to view – You should really click to see this cool infographic in full. By visually presenting the web destinations of his signature elements, Arun beautifully demonstrates the powerful impact a user can achieve by adding his online and social profiles to email with WiseStamp. Thanks Aneesh & Arun for creating those lovely and useful visual guides and for sharing them with us. Created a cool WiseStamp Infographic or Demo? We would love to see it – Share it with us!