This month marks International Women’s Day – a global celebration dedicated to uplifting women and honoring their achievements. But this feel-good day started off as more than a day to celebrate the women in your life – it was born out of socialism, protest, and a fight for labor rights.

Our own talented Danit Ianovici wrote this beautiful poem about her, and probably every woman’s experience. And together with the wonderful women of WiseStamp and vcita they created this great video.

I’m a woman / Danit Ianovici

I’m a woman
Phenomenally maneuvering my way through changes
Smiling blindly through the phases
Carrying infinite weight on my shoulders like a superhero on standby waiting
While standing back and witnessing my own she growth formulating

I’m a woman
Guns blazing ready to take on the world
You’ll hear me coming no longer a naive little girl
You’ll hear the stride in my step
Witness The smooth moves of my hips
Feel The snare from my pep
Beckon at The curl of my lips

I’m a woman
Encapsulating beauty and poise
Strength and fierce wisdom
Drowning out the “you can’t” noise
Breaking barriers and isms
You can’t contain this

I am a woman
Shape shifting and adaptive
Mood lifting and ecstatic
Love listening and never being half at it

I’m a woman
In all my glory
In all my wonder
This is my story
Without any blunders

I’m a woman
A mother
A sister
A daughter
An aunt
A COO (Maya)
An engineer
A writer
A philosopher
A lover
A fighter
A mess
A perfect picture

I’m a woman