Email signature management solution for the healthcare industry

Improve customer care and stay compliant using a centralized email signature solution

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Email signature management solution for the healthcare industry

Schedule appointments

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Promote new treatments

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Connect with your patients in each email

Your staff members’ email signatures are a powerful channel for direct interactions with your patients. Use them to effortlessly engage, inform, and establish strong human connections in every email you send.

email signature software for the health care industry

Boost trust and credibility

Your patients’ confidence is key to their recovery and success. By highlighting qualifications and titles in every email communication and showcasing your staff’s expertise and professionalism, you foster trust among patients, partners, and colleagues, and establish your institution as a reliable and respected authority in the field.

Control your signatures at any scale

As your organization grows, your email signature management should always remain simple, intuitive, and secure. WiseStamp’s setup and management are remarkably straightforward, requiring no IT involvement or technical expertise whatsoever. So no matter how many signatures you have, you can scale up confidently without compromising security or consistency.

Stay compliant & transparent

As a healthcare organization, you must navigate complex regulations and demonstrate your commitment to safeguarding sensitive patient data. Our centralized dashboard allows you to add the most accurate disclaimer to each email to ensure consistent compliance without fear of tampering or unauthorized changes.

Appointment scheduling made easy

For patients, having to browse multiple web pages or make phone calls just to get a doctor’s appointment is a major obstacle. Make your staff more accessible to patients by adding a smart online scheduler to every email signature and gain your patients’ satisfaction.

Collect feedback in every interaction

Your patients’ opinions matter. Embed a direct and unobtrusive survey link within your email signatures to transform every routine email communication into a valuable channel to understand your patients’ sentiments and improve your services.

Many ways to spread your message

From volunteering opportunities to new medical treatments and webinars, your email signatures have the power to connect, inform, and nurture stronger relationships with patients and staff. Use them wisely!


Promote fundraising events

Recruit interns

Boost donations

Share volunteering options

Announce blood drives

Patient support groups


Announce open positions

Introduce new treatments

Manage disclaimers

Awareness campaigns

Share community updates

Community outreach

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