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Security & Compliance

Our security and privacy policies describe how we keep your data safe, as well as how we collect and use personal data of clients and site visitors.

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Our terms of service with WiseStamp clients.

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Trust Center

Find out everything you need to know for your security review, on-demand.

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WiseStamp’s legal credentials, as well as the option to engage with our U.S. based entity, mean that your can implement WiseStamp into your tech stack while staying aligned with your legal standards.

Terms of services

Our Terms of Service outline the rules and guidelines for using WiseStamp’s services. It covers user responsibilities, account management, and our rights and obligations.

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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, and protect your personal information. It details your privacy rights and how you can control your data.

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Data Processing Addendum

The Data Processing Addendum describes our data processing practices and commitments. It includes terms related to data handling, storage, and processing in compliance with applicable laws.

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Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct sets the standards for ethical behavior and interactions within our community. It emphasizes respect, integrity, and accountability for all users and employees.

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Cookies Policy

The Cookies Policy explains how we use cookies and similar technologies on our website. It covers the types of cookies we use, their purposes, and how you can manage your cookie preferences.

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This document lists the third-party service providers (subprocessors) we use to process your data. It includes details on their roles and the types of data they handle.

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Accessibility statement

Read WiseStamp’s declared commitment to comply with international accessibility and inclusion guidelines.

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Security and Compliance

Our Security and Compliance page outlines the measures we take to protect your data and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. It includes details on encryption, access controls, and auditing practices.

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Trust Center

The Trust Center centralizes all information related to our security, privacy, and compliance efforts. It provides resources and documentation to help you understand and trust our commitment to protecting your data.

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WiseStamp Corporate FAQs

Does WiseStamp sell or share personal information

We do not sell or share personal information as these terms are defined under US privacy laws. However, we engage third parties to provide us with services such as analytics, marketing automation, and user experience, and allow them to collect personal information on our website and services.

View our complete privacy policy here

Where is WiseStamp’s data stored?

WiseStamp stores data with cloud infrastructure providers: Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, which is GDPR ready and follows the new SCCs as further provided in our DPA.

Do you have a dedicated information security team? If so, what is its reporting structure?

We have a CISO and Legal Counsel reporting to the SVP, COO and CEO.

Does customer signature content remain customer property, or can it be reused for other customers?

Customer signature content remains the sole proper of the customer.

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