Email signature management solution for schools & universities

Maintain consistent email signatures across all departments and faculties in your educational institution.

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Engage with students/parents

Easy-to-use, no code needed

Department-specific signatures

No IT maintenance required

Trusted by leading educational institutions worldwide

Consistent branding across all emails

Maintain a consistent image and build your institution’s reputation. WiseStamp makes sure all email signatures in your organization are always up-to-date, with no tampering by individual staff members.

Easy to create, simple to manage

Design and set up university-wide signatures in minutes using a central dashboard. WiseStamp doesn’t require any technical knowledge or IT assistance to manage. Compatible with Google Workspace or Office 365.

Create the best signature for each department

Let each faculty showcase their best:

Promote scientific research
Announce scholarships
Provide department-based access
Show off badges & certifications

Keep your audience engaged

Ideal for Universities

WiseStamp for education

Announce alumni reunions

Highlight achievements

Publicize fundraising events

Promote Greek life

Perfect for Schools

Promote after school programs

Add social media links

Showcase qualifications

Parent-teacher nights

It’s easy to get started in 4 simple steps

Go sports team!

Your school has its own athletics team? Keep fans engaged with links to your merchandise store, game ticket sales, “Athlete of the Month”, and more.

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