Data security & compliance

Our teams understands the importance of keeping your company’s data safe, so we have taken all measures available to us to ensure that your information is protected.

wisestamp data security and compliance

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Security measures​

We are committed to your security and take all measurements required to make sure your data is protected.

protecting your account
Protecting your account

Keep your data and emails secured by following our guidelines.

No 3rd party data sharing

We don’t use third party servers, and we will never transfer your information without your consent.



The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 is a require protocol by the European Union put in place to protect user data and privacy.

See our Data Processing Agreement


We want to make sure we stand to the highest standards, and take all actions needed to protect your privacy.

Google API Pen

To learn more about using API keys for Google Maps Platform APIs and SDKs, see the Google Maps Platform documentation.



Where is my account data stored?


WiseStamp uses 100% cloud storage on Amazon Web Services, fully compliant with all security and regulations.


What is the size of the email signature and will it affect email performance?


WiseStamp converts and stores your emails signatures as HTML, creating lean and quick to load and send email signatures. There is no effect on any storage, sending or other performance metrics of your company emails.


What permissions do I have to grant WiseStamp in order to update our company’s email signature?


WiseStamp required read-only access to your company employee directory in order to obtain the information required to build personalized signatures. The employee data that is collected is limited to name, role and contact information and does not include any sensitive, private or confidential data. In order to publish your email signatures, WiseStamp requires a write-access to your gmail email signature in settings. This access can be granted from within your WiseStamp account by entering your account credentials.


Do you use or pass information to any 3rd parties?


WiseStamp does not access and will never access or have any view into your company emails and we never use a 3rd party software.


Do you intercept emails as they are sent in order to add the email signature?


Absolutely not. WiseStamp does not receive, intercept, access or read any of your company emails. We simply write HTML code directly into your email signature settings.


Do you have a process to delete all my data if I choose?


Yes. In the case that a company elects to stop using WiseStamp’s services, or for any other reason, you can request a full data deletion that will take place within 2 working days, according to GDPR guidelines.

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