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Create and implement professional, consistent signatures for every size of business with our easy-to-use email signature management software. Get started with a 14-day free trial–no credit card required.

Integrates with:

G Suite email signature management - WiseStamp Google Workspace
Office 365 email signature management - WiseStamp Office 365
Best email signature manager for G suite and Office 365 by WiseStamp

Trusted by +12K enterprises worldwide

How can WiseStamp help your department?

Turn all employee email interactions into brand building opportunities

With WiseStamp, you can achieve brand consistency across all company emails:

  • Keep your brand unified across all your company’s emails
  • Promote PR and awards
  • Showcase articles, awards, trust badges and other brand assets
  • Promote company events
  • Setup legal disclaimers & trust badges
Easy to use email signature manager

G Suite email signature management - WiseStamp
Google Workspace signature management

  • One-click sync for all your employees using API integration.
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  • Automatic updates for any employee changes
  • Assign user access to control user-editable fields

See our product page in Google Workspace marketplace

Office 365 email signature management - WiseStamp
Office 365 signature management

  • Permissionless integration for Outlook 2019 and later, and Mac v16.56 or later. Seamless setup and no third-party server.
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  • PC app and Mac app for easy integration with older Outlook and Mac versions.
  • Deploy & sync all company signatures on all employee emails (desktop & web).

Exchange signature management

  • Centrally push content to your employees’ Outlook signature block.
  • Integrate WiseStamp with Outlook apps using token identification, manually applied by users, or through GPO by admin.
  • Maintain full ownership of email data, and protect from any security breach or downtime, as emails are not routed through WiseStamp servers.

Learn more about WiseStamp O365 Exchange permissions >

How it works?

Email signature manager is software that allows you to control your entire organization’s email signature. WiseStamp integrates with your Google Workspace or Office365 and creates a unified email signature to keep cross-company consistency and turn the company’s emails into a powerful marketing channel.

Single entrepreneur to giant enterprise, WiseStamp’s solution is easy to integrate and simple to use. Create email signatures for any number of employees, or your entire organization, in just a few clicks

Managing a big business doesn’t mean settling for massive complex systems. At WiseStamp, we keep it simple.

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Easily manage all your employees signatures

Gain full control over your team’s email signatures with our intuitive platform. Quickly customize, adjust and maintain individual or group signatures for a consistent, professional appearance, while enjoying seamless integration and compatibility with leading email provider.

Global company email signature management from a single dashboard

Design beautiful branded signatures in one-click

Create customized email signatures that reflect your brand and marketing goals.

Utilize WiseStamp’s advanced signature generator to design tailored, professional signatures. Choose from pre-made templates, adjust colors and fonts, and include marketing components to strengthen your team’s email presence while showcasing your products or services.

company wide email signature manager with add-ons for every need

Optimize Your Email Signature Campaigns with Data-Driven Insights

Run email signature scheduled campaigns. Track clicks to measure the success of all your signature CTA’s, and impressions to monitor your brand exposure. WiseStamp also integrates with Google analytics to track how email signature campaigns affect your results.

Office 365 email signature manager with google analytics integration

Your success and security are important to us

Dedicated tech support

Whether you need help getting started, need assistance with troubleshooting, or have questions, WiseStamp offers full support. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any assistance you need.

Integration and onboarding

We’re here to help with setting up your account, integrating your systems and customizing your company email signatures to help your business grow.

No email hosting

We understand your data is valuable. Unlike other solutions in the market, WiseStamp doesn’t use third-party service. We inject your signatures, but you maintain full ownership of your email data.

GDPR & Compliances

Keeping your company’s email data safe is a priority. At WiseStamp, we take all measures to protect your data.

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wisestamp email signature manager data security and compliance

What our users say about us

Procuring new tech tools, particularly for an organization, can be taxing. We understand and invite you to gain insight from our users’ experiences.


How do I create an email signature in G Suite?

  1. Schedule a demo with one of our sale reps.
  2. Sign up to Wisestamp’s email signature manager
  3. Use the G suite manager control panel to add your details in the required fields (Name, Company name, phone number, office extension, social media icons, etc).
  4. Customize signature segments by department (choose a template, add special add-ons like banners, buttons, and disclaimers).
  5. Integrate our system with your G Suite domain and deploy your new signatures.

Read the full setup instructions

How to add a global Office 365 signature?

  1. Choose a designed template from our many options. Set your global company info, logo, and brand colors. Social media icons, buttons, and other widgets are also available as addons.
  2. Import a list of your users with all their required signature information in CSV format. Wisestamp will auto-embed the users’ info in their signatures – ready for deployment.
  3. Group your signatures by department or role, and assign certain users like department heads Admin authorization to edit their department’s signature, and give it uniquely relevant features.
  4. Send your users the Wisestamp Outlook Desktop Signature Installer EXE to install on their machines. Wisestamp’s manager can now auto-sync their Outlook apps’ signatures.
  5. Centrally edit and publish your entire organization’s emails signatures within seconds.

How to add a global signature in G-Suite?

  1. Connect your G Suite Super Admin with Wisestamp to easily deploy signatures to your entire organization’s emails with a click of a button
  2. Integrate your G Suite user directory with WiseStamp via API. We auto update new and deleted users and provides you a list of all your active users
  3. Assign multiple signatures with specific design and CTA for different departments and roles
  4. Quickly create a responsive HTML signature, company wide, using Wisestamp’s signature editor (use designed templates, upload a logo, and add banners, buttons and other CTA options)
  5. Centrally edit and publish your entire organization’s emails signatures within seconds

How to add a personal email signature in G suite?

You have 2 ways to do this: 

  1. edit your personal G Suite signature, which is the same as editing your signature in Gmail Settings
  2. Another great option is by using our free email signature generator – it lets you create a professional email signature in 5 minutes and auto installs it in G suite for you.

How do I organize my email signature?

If by “organize” you mean “construct” then your best option (apart from getting a designer) is to use an email signature generator. Wisestamp has a free tool to do just that. But if you’re looking to make an email signature for your organization, then that’s a whole different set of needs. For that, we recommend using our email signature manager.

Try the Wisestamp signature manager

What is Gmail API?

The Gmail API is what allows programmers to communicate with Gmail via code. For example, a programmer can use the Gmail API to set a user’s email signature in Gmail (similar to what can be done via the user interface only via code).

How to add an email disclaimer in G Suite

You can create a G Suite signature disclaimer pretty easily in a few different ways. 

  • For personal use, we would recommend using the Wisestamp email signature editor, where you can set up a clean and professional email signature with a disclaimer in just a few minutes. 
  • For small teams that look to set up a unified G Suite signature, we recommend either starting with the free Wisestamp email signature editor and moving to our paid email signature manager once your marketing needs grow. Our signature manager helps you easily create, sync, and deploy signatures. It’s just $2/user and brings very high value for money. 
  • For medium, large, or growing organizations we highly recommend trying Wisestamp for teams. It’s made to automate and synchronize your entire organization’s G Suite signatures and save you a lot of valuable time, which you’ll be free to spend on your core activities. If you need different disclaimers for different departments, or if you change your disclaimers or messaging often, then this is the solution for you.

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