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You send dozens of emails every day, just imagine the effect of a professional email signature template.

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100 Free email signature examples and templates for your gmail, outlook or yahoo mails. Get the most out of your emails with these stunning templates, and create your email signature today!

  • digital marketing manager signature template
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    Horizontal template

  • graphic designer signature template
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    Compact template

  • musician signature template
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    Classic template

  • photographer signature template
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    Clean template

  • realtor signature template
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    Top shelf template

  • consultant signature template
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    Vertical template

  • online marketer signature template
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    Conversational template

  • online seller signature template
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    Contact template

  • student signature template
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    Simple template

Email Signature Design Inspiration

Company Email Signature Management

cfo Company Email signature template
ceo Company Email signature template
sales manager Company Email signature template

Creative Email Signatures

creative email signature online seller template
creative email signature animator template
creative email signature designer template

Gmail Email Signature Easily add GIFs and banners to Gmail Signatures

Gmail Email Signature general manager template
Gmail Email Signature sales assistant template
Gmail Email Signature marketing manager template

Outlook Email Signatures Make your Outlook Signatures stand out in seconds

Outlook Email Signature game developer template
Outlook Email Signature wedding florist template

Mac Mail Email Signatures Generate slick Mac Mail Signatures

Mac Mail Email Signatures driver template
Mac Mail Email Signatures corporate broker template
Mac Mail Email Signatures musician template

iPhone Email Signatures Create an iPhone signature that works for you

iPhone Email Signatures content manager template
iPhone Email Signatures photographer template
iPhone Email Signatures consultant template

Android Email Signatures Android Email Signatures

Android Email Signatures account manager template
Android Email Signatures ceo template
Android Email Signatures realtor template

What is WiseStamp?

WiseStamp is an email signature generator that enables you to create rich signatures using a variety of professional templates. It offers a unique, smart way of interacting with customers and recipients, allowing you easily promote and market your business in every email sent. WiseStamp supports all email providers: Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, iPhone etc.

WiseStamp Signature Samples

Corporate Email

Corporate Email Signature for Head of Sales
Corporate Email Signature for Marketing
Corporate Email Signature for cfo
Corporate Email Signature for head of marketing
Corporate Email Signature for consultant
Corporate Email Signature for general manager
Corporate Email Signature for ceo
Corporate Email Signature for cto
Corporate Email Signature for Co-Founder

Personal Email Signature Examples

Help people find and follow you with our Facebook add on

Personal Email Signature Examples - Teacher [Facebook]
Personal Email Signature Examples - User Interface Designer
Personal Email Signature Examples - Customer Service [Facebook]

Showcase your portfolio with our Instagram add on

Personal Email Signature Examples - Owner [Instagram]
Personal Email Signature Examples - Realtor [Instagram]
Personal Email Signature Examples - photographer [Instagram]

Share your latest Tweets with our Twitter signature add on

Email Signature for Writer [Twitter]
Email Signature for Travel Agent
Email Signature for General Manager

Best Signatures for Gmail

Best Signatures for Gmail
Best Signatures for Gmail professionals
Best Signatures for Gmail Client

Email Signatures 101

How do you add a signature to Gmail?

The quickest way to setup a signature in Gmail or other email is:
  1. Design a signature with WiseStamp
  2. Click on “Ok, I’m Done” and WiseStamp will be installed
  3. The signature will automatically appear in Gmail
Make sure to add your profile image / logo, social icons, choose the right template etc.

How do you add WiseStamp to Gmail?

  1. Use WiseStamp to design a signature you love
  2. Once it’s ready, highlight the signature
  3. Copy the signature (ctrl+C, cmd+C in Mac)
  4. In Gmail settings (click the “Gear” icon, click “Settings” and scroll down to “Signature”)
  5. Paste (ctrl+V) the signature inside the “Signature” field
  6. Scroll down and click on “Save changes”

How Many HTML Email Signature Template WiseStamp Includes?

  1. WiseStamp's Free Email Signature Generator offers 16 free signature templates
  2. WiseStamp Pro Includes 14 of the best mail signature templates & ability to export any signature to HTML

How To Make a Professional Email Signature?

  1. Fill In Your Contact Details
  2. Add a Professional Signature Picture Or Logo
  3. Add Disclaimer To Your Signature (Footer)
  4. Add A Personalized CTA (Banner, Custom HTML, Event/Sales/Webinar/Newsletter Promoter)

How do you set up a signature in Outlook?

  1. With WiseStamp, easily create your signature
  2. Click the “OK, I’m Done” icon to install WiseStamp
  3. Choose the “Outlook” option (requires a Pro account)
  4. You’ll be instructed on how to copy and paste your signature to Outlook
  5. You can always go back to WiseStamp to modify the signature
WiseStamp will work on all supported Outlook versions

How To Create an Email Signature?

  1. Sign up Using Gmail, Facebook or your Email.
  2. Fill In your Signature details.
  3. Click OK, I'm done.
  4. Choose Your Email Client & Continue.
  5. Add The WiseStamp Chrome Extension.
  6. Done. Your signature has been automatically updated.

How To Design an Email Signature?

  1. The easiest way to design email signatures is by using WiseStamp.
  2. Choose your Signature template.
  3. Select font size.
  4. Select social icon size.
  5. Add your photo or logo
  6. Select your template color.

How To Create HTML Email Signature?

  1. Create Your Professional Email Signature Using WiseStamp.
  2. Click manage Email Clients
  3. Choose your preferred HTML signature client (Thunderbird)
  4. Click grab signature.

How do you add a footer in Gmail Without HTML?

WiseStamp allows you to create effective email footer
  1. Use the WiseStamp editor to create an email footer
  2. It should include your contact details, image
  3. You can also use Email Apps to make it dynamic and engaging
  4. Once you are finished, click the “OK, I’m Done” icon
  5. WiseStamp will be installed and added to your emails

How To Write Email Signatures?

  1. Write your name, position & company.
  2. Include social icons (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).
  3. Include your contact number, address & website.
  4. Write a call-to-action (subscribe here).
  5. Write a disclaimer (optional).

Recommended Email Signatures Dimensions

Not sure how to create a signature for email? Our recommended dimensions are a width of up to 650 pixels; and as for the optimal height - you should think of what looks best, but normally anything from 80 to 150 pixel should do. The templates in WiseStamp are designed to fit emails so we got you covered.