Case Studies

Read how other companies used the Wisestamp email signature manager to achieve their business goals

"Our team loves working with WiseStamp. They don’t need to create their own email signatures any more, and now everyone is on the same page."

Atrayus Goode

Founder, MENTOR North Carolina
"Everything we put out digitally, including our email signatures need to look top of market. WiseStamp made our signatures look really professional, really modern."
Kylie Borgias
Marketing Manager, AdTaxi Networks
“Our team is happy with the WiseStamp signature. It is neat and professional and is good for branding.”
Arun Devan
Managin Director, Blue Ocean Systems
"WiseStamp helps us promote our corporate branding, and our agents' listings. This allows us to have brand compliance whilst also giving them a useful tool for promoting themselves.”
Hud Bixler
Director of Technology, Zepher
“WiseStamp makes it easier to manage email branding for our growing team in a centralized dashboard.”
Min-Jee Hwang
Marketing Director, Wiser
digital marketing institute
“When a new member of staff starts at the company I can oversee exactly what they are putting in their signature, and make sure they are driving traffic to particular pages on our site.”
Mark Scully
Search Marketing Executive at the Digital Marketing Institute
"We like the ability to add links to our social media from the signatures, since we put a lot of effort into developing these pages. It is great that as soon as someone gets an email from one of our team they can easily see the creative work that we've done for previous clients."
Heidi Lombardo
Brand & Media Producer, HMR Designs
We use our WiseStamp signatures to promote an upcoming fundraiser, to raise money for us for a new event, and promote our services. It’s a great way to keep everyone on the same page, with the same message going out.”
Brian Rivera
Innovation Manager, The Center for Economic Progress
“Wisestamp makes us feel like a bigger company, we’re all on board. Once you get past 5 employees, WiseStamp’s team solution is the best. "
Brian Hahn
Co-founder, Nomad

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