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Create a professional signature in Gmail

Get a beautiful Gmail email signature that makes an impression. Browse Gmail signature templates, learn tips and easily generate your signature in 2 minutes.

Create and set up a professional email signature:

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Video: How to add a beautiful signature in Gmail with image, social icons and more

How to create a Gmail signature

There are 3 ways to create your Gmail signature:

1. Manually add a signature in Gmail

This option is found in Gmail’s settings. It allows you to add a simple email signature in Gmail using the in-app signature editor. If this is your preferred option go ahead and read our 1-minute step-by-step guide.

2. Use a Gmail signature generator

The easiest way to create a professional-looking signature for Gmail is by using a free generator. The WiseStamp Free Signature Generator is the best tool available for creating the best looking Gmail signature.

3. Use designed Gmail signature templates to create your signature

This is a great option if you want to see what worked for other people before you. It’s also helpful to get some inspiration and a better understanding of what you’d like your signature to achieve before you start making it.

Generate an HTML signature in Gmail

Just sign in with your Gmail and… you’re done

Gmail signature generator by WiseStamp

Generate a professional Gmail email signature in 2-5 minutes and connect to Gmail with 1-click.

  1. Go to WiseStamp’s free email signature maker.
  2. Add your professional details.
  3. Go to the Templates tab > Choose a designed template.
  4. Go to the Social tab > add social media icons and links.
  5. Go to the Design tab > refine the design for your signature dividers, icons, and photo.
  6. Go to the Add-ons tab > add buttons, banners, legal disclaimer, Instagram gallery, and more useful features. You can add an image or a logo and a lot more.
  7. Click “OK I’m done”, and you’re set.

How to make a professional Gmail signature

how to make a professional gmail signature - tips and best practices wisestamp

Gmail has fast become the most commonly used email platform provider. With over 1 Billion people using Gmail worldwide it’s surprising that so few people know about the possibility of creating an email signature for Gmail. 

Even more, confounding is how little people invest in making a truly professional Gmail signature that will make them look credible and outstanding in the eyes of their peers.

This short how-to guide will shed some light on how you can make a great Gmail signature in no time.

Professional Gmail signature Do’s and Don’ts

Good example

Good example for professional gmail signature
  1. First and last name
  2. Job/Academic title
  3. A professional photo of you or logo of your company
  4. Business phone number
  5. Links to your professional social media profiles
  6. A link to your website and / or blog.
  7. Some form of call-to-action

Bad example

Bad example for Gmail signature
  1. Images or quotes that take away from your professional image
  2. Weird, wacky hard to read fonts
  3. Inactive or badly kept social media accounts
  4. Confusing non-conventional job titles

How to ace your Gmail signature design and style and make the right impression

While a professional Gmail signature will work in your favor, a poorly designed signature can work against you. Follow these 5 essential tips to ensure your signature’s success.

1) Get inspired: 

We recommend starting your Gmail signature creation process by looking at some cool email signature examples that actual people use to positively stand out.

At Wisestamp we see millions of signatures every year, made spontaneously by our users. If we remember these examples it’s because they work. We made these memorable examples into templates you can use as your own. Give them a look-see

2) Stand out visually:

To get people’s attention your Gmail signature block has to have either a splash of color or some movement to it. Many beautiful email signature designs use color, without being too colorful and appearing clownish. Our email signature tips page for graphic designers goes into how to do this in-depth.

Other than the color you can add a GIF for some eye-catching animation. Like with colors, the key is to make this addition blunt enough so that it will catch your reader’s eye but subtle enough so it wouldn’t be perceived as a nuisance (think about those flashing commercial banners in old websites that we all hate).

Make it yours
gmail footer template with social media links and Instagram images

Professionally designed Gmail signature with eye-catching GIF

3) Stand out with a personal touch:

Adding something from yourself can grant you big wins. It can influence people into seeing you as more honest, more authentic, and more approachable. But this can also go very wrong if you send the wrong message to the wrong people. So, think about who you’re talking to and what about you will make them trust you rather than brush you off.

One way of adding a personal touch is by adding a positive or inspirational quote. This will give people a glimpse into your values. We have a whole library of quotes you can choose and add to your Gmail signature with a click of a button.

Make it yours
Modern CFO - manager Gmail email signature example with quote

Gmail email signature with a quote

If quotes are not your thing, then another way to keep you in mind after reading your emails is to choose the right sign-off for the specific person you’re addressing. To find the best sign-offs, go see our archive of email sign off examples.

A really powerful way (and my personal favorite) to add a personal touch is by adding an animated or static handwritten sign-off above your Gmail signature. You can create your own with our hand signature generator (it’s cool). 

Adding a hand signature gives your readers the sense that you invested yourself in that email. Because signing a document is something that you do when you care about the message inside a document. It implies that you care enough that you want your name associated with it.

Make it yours
best signature for gmail with business logo and animated sign off

4) Set your signature a defined goal: 

Before you run ahead and put the finishing touches on your signature, think a moment about what you want your signature to achieve. This will definitely affect what you decide to add to or remove from your final signature. 

Go over some of our users’ email signature examples that use a call to action (CTA) to get leads and engagement from their Gmail signature. Then add the features you feel will best promote your goals, such as social media icons, a custom sales button, or a video thumbnail.

Make it yours
professional gmail signature template for business with recruiting CTA and GIF sign off

Gmail signature with CTA

5) Set the stage for later engagement

Your Gmail email signature is the end of your email, but it doesn’t have to be the end of your recipients’ engagement with you. Even if you added a CTA as I advised in the previous tip you may still miss out. It’s fair to say that most people will not be primed to take you up on your offer, because the commitment may be too high for them at that point. 

But your Gmail signature still offers you a great opportunity to build your relationship with your prospects and keep them close till they are ready to commit. You can do this by adding social media links to your Gmail signature block. You can also get great insights into how to use social media in your email signature to get the best results.

These little social icons may pull people in to engage with you on a high interest – low commitment setting, and you could slowly but surely convert them, from there, into loyal customers.

Make it yours
google email signature template with disclaimer and solid color design

Gmail signature with social media icons


How can I create multiple signatures in Gmail?

Click the gear icon in the top right of the screen to open Gmail’s Settings > Click “See all settings” > Find the “Signature” section on the page > Click the “New” button > Add as many supplementary signatures as you need > Scroll down to the bottom and click “Save changes”

See the full guide for multiple signatures in Gmail >

How can I add an image or logo to my Gmail signature?

To insert an image to your Gmail signature open the Gmail signature section in Gmail’s settings > Click on the image icon in the signature editor’s toolbar > Upload an image from your computer without using a URL or you can add an image from the web via URL

See the full guide for Gmail signature image >

How can I make my Gmail mobile signature the same as my computer’s?

The quick answer is YOU CAN’T. Unless you’re using a very basic text signature we’re sorry to say that Gmail for Android and iOS does not support rich components like images, icons, and tables.

See the full guide for Gmail mobile signature >

How do I customize my signature in Gmail?

The best and easiest way to customize your Gmail signature with no knowledge in HTML or design is by using the Wisestamp free email signature editor. It’s so simple to use that you’ll have a fully customized signature in under 5 minutes.

Create your HTML email signature >

How can I manage my company-wide Google signatures?

You can read our guide about adding a company-wide email signature In G-Suite. However, it would be extremely difficult and time-consuming to try to manage your signature with the Gmail in-app editor. We advise that you use the Wisestamp G Suite signature manager to streamline and automate this effort for you.

See our Google workspace service description and pricing >

Does Wisestamp work with G Suite?

Yes. We have a dedicated Google worskpace email signature management tool for business of all sizes. It’s a non intrusive tool that put your security and data integrity before anything else. It’s also really easy to use and integrate seamlessly with G Suite. It’ll save you a lot of time.

See our signature manager on Google workspace Marketplace >