Email signature for Gmail in composer

Gmail is handsdown the most popular web-based email provider with more than 1 Bil users worldwide. If you want to make the most of your Gmail account, then you must create an attractive, professional Gmail signature that will hold people’s attention even after they’ve scanned the subject line of your email and decided whether or not to continue reading. 

An email signature will help you:  

  • Put your face to your name by adding an image
  • Make it easy for people find your business and connect with you
  • Help people learn about you and your business quickly
How to add email signature to gmail?

There are several ways of creating an email signature that will leave a lasting impression and lead to new professional relationships. The two easiest and most common ways to create a signature are:
Step 1 – Goto Gmail setting / Signature
Step 2 – Enter personal information
Step 3 – Format your information
Step 4 – Add links
Step 5 – Add your image
Step 6 – Click Save Changes

How to create email signature using WiseStamp?

Step 1 – Login to with your gmail account
Step 2 – Enter your details and image/logo
Step 3 – Add your social links icons
Step 4 – Choose Template and customize it
Step 5 – Add dynamic add-on like banner or social feed
Step 5 – Click Done
And your signature will now appear in every new email you create

What should email signature in gmail include?

1. First and last name.
2. Your profession / job title.
3. a professional photo or logo.
4. Business phone number.
5. Links to your social profiles (Linkedin / Facebook page)
6. Link to your website and / or blog.

We’re here to walk you through both processes. 

Ready to create your own signature?

Follow along as we create a signature for Ava Smith, an interior designer who recently started her own business.

If you follow these steps as your read, by the time you finish this post, you’ll have a beautiful, professional Gmail signature that will help grow your business.  

Step – by – Step – How to add an email Signature in Gmail?

Thanks to Google, it’s possible to add an email signature quickly and easily in Gmail.

Step 1 – Find the Signature Setting

The first thing you have to do is sign into your Gmail account. 

And then: 

  1. Find the “gear” symbol.
  2. Click on “settings.”
  3. Scroll down to the “signature” field.

Step 2 – Enter Your Personal Information

  1. First and last name
  2. Business phone number
  3. Website.
  4. Job or profession title. (In Ava’s case, her title is “interior designer.”)

Provide the basics of your contact information, without going overboard, including: 

Step 3 – Format Your Information

Now, it’s time to decide on fonts, colors, and text size: 

(Note: Certain information, such as your name, should be made to stand out.)

Step 4 – Add Links

Drive people directly to your website by adding an active link. 

To do this: 

  1. select the text to be linked.
  2. click the “link” icon.
  3. enter the URL.

(To keep this signature as clutter-free as possible, the only link will be to Ava’s website. You could add links to your social media profiles, but it’s not a great idea to have a signature that’s more than three or four lines.) 

Step 5 – Add an Image

Next, add your logo or picture. While a logo is nice, a photo of you provides a nice, personal touch. 

As you can see from Ava’s signature, she’s had a professional headshot taken. 

While a headshot isn’t a must, remember that the job of the image is to portray you as a professional, so choose wisely. 

To add an image: 

  1. create or choose an image or logo.
  2. upload the image to a host. If you don’t have a host, there are several free options to choose from(3)
  3. click on the “add image” symbol (which looks like two mountains).
  4. enter the link to the image.
  5. adjust the size and alignment of the image.

Step 6 – Save Your Signature

Once your signature is created, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “save.”

Once you click on “Save Changes,” you’re good to go! 

That was pretty painless, right? 

Here’s the result: 

What do you think? 

How to Create a Show-Stopping Professional Signature With WiseStamp

Now let’s move onto something even easier and even more exciting. Ava’s Gmail signature looks nice, doesn’t it? It’s certainly “good enough.” But let’s use WiseStamp to make a signature that will stop people in their tracks.

WiseStamp email signature – Business consultant

As you’ll surely see, a WiseStamp signature is:

  • extremely attractive and professional looking.
  • dynamic and interactive.
  • easy to adapt and update.

How to Create a WiseStamp Signature:

This 90-second video will show you how to create a slick mail signature quickly and easily:

And now, to the step by step guide:

Step 1 – Start by going to WiseStamp

From this point on (and we’re only on the first step), WiseStamp will lead you through the easy process of creating a signature.

But we’ve laid out the steps for you here too, so stay with us. 

2. Step 2- Click on “Claim Your FREE Signature Now”

Step 3 – Add Your Picture or Logo

Like we said, a logo is fine but a photo is more often the best choice. 

Step 4 – Fill in Your Signature Details

You don’t have to (and you shouldn’t) fill in ever single detail. 

Your name, title and website are most likely more than enough. 

Here’s all we need for Ava’s signature: 

Step 5 – Choose Your Social Media Icons

Help people connect with you by adding links to your most-used social media profiles. 

(If you don’t see the social app you need, click on +add another profile for more options.)

Step 6 – Choose your Add-ons

Ready for the most exciting step? 

This is where you have the chance to add more social icons, display links to your latest blog posts, promotions and events, display photos, and more.

An interior designer like Ava will probably want to include Instagram, Behance and Dribbble icons to show off her designs. 

Think about which add-ons fit your profession best. 

Step 7 – Choose a Template

WiseStamp offers a variety of templates to choose from, and you’ll see that looking at your signature displayed in a variety of formats is easy.

Step 8 – Preview and Save Your Signature

While you’re looking at your signature preview, you’ll have the chance to fine tune shapes and colors.

Fun, right?

These are just a few of the many options: 

You can easily make changes later, but now is a good time to make some decisions.

Then, save: 

Step 9 – Install the WiseStamp Extension

Once you’ve created your signature, install the WiseStamp extension and you’ll be ready to start using your new signature.

Just click the green button and then “add extension:” 

install WiseStamp extension

Step 10 – Export Your Signature

Your signature isn’t limited to your browser. You can export your signature to Outlook, Thunderbird, IOS 7 Mail, and Mac Mail.

To do this, click “export” and choose a destination for your signature:

And choose a destination: 

export signature
export options

Then, you’ll be led to easy-to-follow instructions.

Signature Do’s and Don’ts

While a professional signature will definitely work in your favor, a poorly designed signature can actually work against you.

As you put the finishing touches on your signature, take a look at examples and do your research on what makes a signature effective.

We recommend starting with How to Create the Perfect Socially Savvy Signature.

The most important thing to remember is that when it comes to a professional email signature, less is more.

If you’re tempted to add animations, a variety of colors and fun quotes, go for it.

But then, scale things back.  

Keep in mind that your signature should not include(4):

In other words, don’t do this (not that we think you ever would): 

Your signature should include:

  • First and last name.
  • Your profession/title.
  • a professional photo or logo.
  • Business phone number.
  • a link to your LinkedIn profile.
  • a link to your website and / or blog.

See how these are better? 

We’re sure your signature looks this fabulous too. 

Before You Go. . .

Well? How did it go? 

Do you have a signature now? 

Here’s something to think about. 

You probably send about 37 emails a day, and that’s 37 times (at least) chances for your signature to make a positive impression. Your signature can be even more powerful than your business card and represents you.  

So it’s best to keep your signature:

  • simple, clean and short.
  • clear and to the point.
  • consistent with your brand.

If you’re feeling inspired, check out more of our tips and see examples of effective signatures and the WiseStamp FAQ page to learn more about creating signatures. 

We hope you enjoy creating your new signature and the new connections it’s sure to bring you!

Did you create a signature with us? Feel free to take a screenshot and share it in the comments. 

What are your tips for creating an attractive, catchy email signature?