WiseStamp Product Updates

As the world’s first full fledged email signature generator, Wisestamp has a history going far back. It’s been over 12 years now, and we’re still in full swing!

Wisestamp product updates

December 10, 2020

Feature Update - Add your seasonal Christmas Social Icons!

Turn your signatures into Ho Ho Ho mode with our specially designed XMASS social icons. You can now catch your reader’s attention and share the holiday spirit in every email sent. Get Icons here.

xmas icons
xmas icons teams

December 7, 2020

Feature Update - Add your seasonal Christmas Banners!

Customize your email signatures with a specially designed XMASS banner. Spread the holiday spirit with your email signature! Simply choose one of our professionally designed holiday creatives & add it to your signature in a few clicks. Get XMASS banners here.


December 2, 2020

New improved managers usability

Improved manager’s usability for teams! A new search bar and control panel set up for easier management of signatures by the department. Filter through departments and re-assign them to different signatures. Get WiseStamp for teams.

Outlook Desktop App Launch

October 28, 2020

New RSS blog app

WiseStamp for Teams, You can now add your latest blog content to your email signature. So, make sure your followers are updated with the latest news and features. Learn more about RSS for teams!

October 15, 2020

New Feature Update - Halloween Icons for teams and solo

We have launched for the very first time Halloween themed social icons buttons for teams and solo.
For a limited time only celebrate the Halloween spirit, get your Halloween icons today

Aug 9, 2020

New US elections Banners

We’ve added new free to use US elections banners!

See all banners here

easier to navigate through the add ons

July 7, 2020

Design Update Layout for the Add-ons Tab

The add ons tab is now divided into 2 columns, making it easier to navigate through the add ons tab.

March 13, 2020

Outlook Desktop App Launch

We approved all outlook users who use the desktop version to access the WS editor in order to better integrate to the WiseStamp editor.  Learn more.

March 7, 2020

Updated Version of The Sign off Add-On

Now you have the option to choose from our new and updated sign off styles.

Here’s how: Go to the Editor and add Styled Sign Off > Choose > Save

Sign Off Style

April 23, 2020

Design Update- The New Add On Panel Design

Want to see how a certain add on looks in your email signature? Preview it with the new add on panel design.  

April 15, 2020

More Pre-designed Professional Banners

 We have added more banners to our banner gallery for you choose from! Such as: social, professional, and support. See more banners!


April 6, 2020

Create a New Customizable Add-On Button to your email Signature

You can now create your personalized Call-to-Action button, with our new CTA button maker. Choose your color, style, and size. Learn more.

custom button

April 1, 2020

New Zoom Add-On Button

New feature update: you can now add a zoom button to your email signature to quickly connect and communicate with your clients. Meet your clients now.  

meet me icon

March 25, 2020

New Feature Update - Sign Off your emails with Style

You can now choose a GIF of your choice to close each and every email you send with class and style! Make your emails stand out, Check it out!

k_regards gif

March 22, 2020

Improved Editor Performance

We have updated the editors algorithm so that it will be easier to manoeuvre through the pages. In addition there is a faster loading time. 

March 22, 2020

Brand New Templates Design

We have added new templates for you to choose from, so that you can find the perfect one for you. Explore the new stunning templates design for your email signature.

See examples >

March 20, 2020

Now Crop Your Own Personal Image or Company Logo

When you create your email signature with WiseStamp you’ll get to crop and adjust your own personal image or your company logo.

March 19, 2020

New Color Designs To Match Social Icons With Templates

Now you can now select your template of choice, and match your social icons button to your to the same color pallet for better visuals. View templates.

March 17, 2020

Internal Admin Improvements

Resolved: There was internal technical issues with loading time. The issue has been resolved and we apologize for the inconvenience.

March 10, 2020

Take Advantage of the New Meet Me Icon

Welcome your new and amazing online booking page. Now, clients can easily schedule an appointment with you, with a simple click of a button. You can now add a bookable timetable to your email signature so clients can easily see your availability and book a meeting with you. Learn more.


Feb 26, 2020

Re-design of Sandbox Mode

We have been working on the back office in order to move faster between different pages on the editor.

Feb 19, 2020

Installment of the New API Change Login

With new Fulfilment API, users to can now update, connect and upload information at a faster pace.

Wisestamp award winning email signature generator

We Did It! WiseStamp Elected Best Social Media Gadget

After two months of competition, and tonnes of votes by the great WiseStamp community, WiseStamp won the Mashable’s Open Web Awards and voted best Social Media Gadget

We Did It! WiseStamp Elected Best Social Media Gadget

Wisestamp award winning email signature generator

After two months of competition, and tonnes of votes by the great WiseStamp community, WiseStamp won the Mashable’s Open Web Awards and voted best Social Media Gadget

Customers reviews (Chrome Store)

Awesome. Simply awesome. WiseStamp has made my email signatures come to life. When I email someone for the first time, my photo signature helps make a great impression and more personal connection. Plus, they have all kinds of nifty features and functions. And, my customer success manager, Talia, went above and beyond the call of duty to make my experience seamless and effective.
Paul Lee
Chrome web store
Nov 22, 2018
I've used WiseStamp for over 2 years now and it is the best signature app ever. Other apps try to compete, but don't come close. I use it with Gmail and love how they've added some really useful features, and the ability to change the defaults around for each signature so you know exactly how your signature is going to display, where, and when. Plus, the layouts are well-designed and should satisfy a wide range of tastes/preferences for how you want to be identified. And, of course, you can also customize the palette to suit your brand's colors.
John Tarnoff
Chrome web store
Nov 28, 2018
I've already recommended it to all my colleagues & friends. and they're all happily using it. It's years I'm using WiseStamp on all my Google Mails. It auto populates at the bottom of my emails as soon as I start to compose an email. and I have all the templates to create professional signatures. Actually my signature looks far better than those many global companies use in house.
Mike Sendler
July 29, 2018

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