Version 1.2.1

New feature:

  • Adding multi linguistic signature naming support (name your signatures in your own language).

Fixes & Bugs

  • Improving Firefox 3.1 compatibility.
  • Improving Signature webmails insertion.
  • Improving Signature settings saving.
  • Fixing minor extension conflicts.
  • Fixing Signature renaming.

☛ Learn more about 1.2 advanced features-Adding feeds to your email signature and more… – We highly recommend to update to this current version.

What are we working on next:

  • Multiple signatures- Adding more signatures.
  • Localization- Help us translate WiseStamp to your language contact us.
  • Syncing signatures across computers.
  • Thunderbird interfacing.
  • Adding more social services.
  • And much more…

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7 comments on “WiseStamp Email Signature 1.2.1-Improvements & Fixes

  • Hi,

    With 1.2.1 version, the Auto-insert into mail messages option don’t work with Firefox 3.5 RC2.

    Plis fix it, this is my favorite addons for firefox.

    Thank yo.

  • I second the other users comment. It does not auto-insert with Firefox 3.5. This is an awesome add-on and I will donate generously when it works with 3.5. Thanks!

  • Hi there

    I have problen with Auto-insert to when i update to 3.5 firefox.

    You need error report?

    Thx for your time… have a nice day!

    Very good addons!!


  • Hi,
    I have the same problem, auto-insert not working on FF 3.5
    (after clearig cache too)

    Thanks for any patch!

  • Hi all thanks for letting us know about this!
    Yes we are already working on a fix. stay tuned the updates fixed version will be posted to the blog.

  • I see that syncing signatures across multiple computers is mentioned in upcoming features, but I don’t see it in release notes. Since this is a post from June of 2009, I figured I would download your extension for Chrome and try it. I can’t find it. Where do I find this feature?

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